10 facade colors for creating a modern looking house

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10 facade colors for creating a modern looking house

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Maisons modernes par ARQUIPLAN Moderne
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A facade is the business card of any house. It represents our taste and the style that can be found in the interior. Its decoration includes several points, one of the most important being the color. Choosing the tone of the facade can be a difficult decision. Among the factors that guide us to select the best option things like the architectural style, size, and internal environments are also included. In this ideabook, we bring 10 suggestions that can serve as an inspiration for the color of facades. The idea is to give personality to the whole house and transforming each style.

1. Inspirational yellow

The soft tones are perfect for homes that are in areas where there are several neighboring properties. Thus, there is not a big break in the harmony of the neighborhood image. These colors are usually natural or neutral. Because of this, one should add a touch of distinction, but without exaggeration. It is an excellent choice to highlight the house without high visual weight.

2. Earthy tones

Maisons modernes par ARQUIPLAN Moderne

The earthy tones are also a favorite while painting the facade. They are natural and complemented by the environment which makes the house look sober and elegant. If this option is chosen, it is best to play with several tones to create dynamism.

3. Dark blue for personality

Colors are perfect to break the monotony of the exterior as well as bring vibrancy. But they should be used in moderation to create a sleek and modern result. Here we can see a dark blue wall that gives a sense of protection to the interiors. The contrast observed between white and wood is also refined or modern.

4. Pink for impact

This vivid rose shade may represent a slightly risky bet, but it also offers an extraordinary touch to your home. This color has been used by renowned architects, such as Taller Estilo who brings it as a trademark of his works. Here we can see a softer tone, combined with vegetation. Although striking, the combination is still quite harmonic.

5. Imposition and sobriety of gray

Maisons minimalistes par arQing Minimaliste

Within the neutral color palette, there is also gray. This color is distinctive and is a safe bet to paint the facade. You can combine several shades of this color to create depth, as in this design. Here the door is darker than the walls, making access the focal point of the facade. Also, plants help to add an exceptional touch of life.

6. Vibrant red

Vue projetée de la maison Maisons modernes par HELENE LAMBOLEY ARCHITECTE DPLG Moderne

Vue projetée de la maison


If you are looking for a touch that is full of energy for your home, then using a vibrant color is undoubtedly the best choice. This type of color should be applied in specific areas, combined with other neutral or natural colors.

7. White and black

This is one of the classic combinations of design which is elegant, simple, and timeless. It creates a refined contrast and is perfect for a house of pure lines like those representing the modern style. With this combination, you can emphasize the access, heights, and details of the wall dramatically.

8. Off-white tones

As we said, the decoration of a facade involves the consideration of several elements. So if you have a sensational door to mark your entry, then you should let it stand out. When it comes to cases like this, use the raw tones such as white and cream. They allow due attention to the most elegant points of your facade.

9. Various colors

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne

Playing with various shades can create points of interest and emphasize the different volumes and textures of the facade. At this point, care must be taken to choose the neutral colors that are either too flashy or risky. Gray, white, and blue are an excellent example. It is a refined, sober, and modern combination that can work perfectly on the outside.

10. Total White

If the house is small or you are looking for a minimalist style, then white is definitely the best choice. It creates a facade that is clean and bright. Depending on the lines of the architecture, it can even have an amplitude effect, as in the interiors. It is a classic option that always works.

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