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6 innovative ideas for a room without windows

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In many crowded urban cities, being stuck with a room without windows is a harsh reality. Often due to the design of certain homes or its surroundings, it is possible that you get a room without any opening to fresh natural air or sunlight. However, don’t lose heart. With the right artificial light, you can suitably supplement the need for sunlight.

Also, using light colours for your walls like white or butter yellow can be a good idea to create the illusion of spaciousness. Choose darker or brighter hues like red, orange or green for the flooring or rugs to contrast your walls. It will be a very comfy and attractive room in no time.

You must also consider the need for proper ventilation in a room without windows. Stale air can be very unhealthy and affect your mental wellbeing too. Also, you need creative solutions to help the room connect with the outside world despite the absence of windows. So here are some brilliant ideas that can help you out.

1. Focus on lighting

Yellow incandescent lights like the ones used here can create a warm and cosy feel despite the lack of sunlight in a window-less room. If you are wondering how to give natural light to a room without windows, then go for full-spectrum light bulbs. Candles and lamps can also be a good idea. Use light curtains to create the illusion of windows too. This living room was rendered by the interior architects at Lucia Navajas Arquitetura & Interiores

2. Adequate ventilation

Lack of ventilation is not just unhealthy for you, but can also lead to the accumulation of bad smells and dust. A ceiling fan or floor fan can solve this problem for you and circulate the air in a window-less room. You can also hire a professional to install an air extractor. Or if that seems difficult to, reserve the room only for chores like ironing or laundry or pantry.

3. Say it with pictures

Windows are the eyes of a house and they let you watch the world outside. Hence a room without windows can seem stifling at times. What you can do is hang some vibrant paintings on one wall to create the illusion of other environments in your room.

4. A green living wall

A vertical garden on the wall of your room can drastically transform its look and feel by making it fresher and more visually appealing. Plants can purify the air and help the window-less room connect with nature stylishly. But remember to use plants that don’t need much natural light.

5. Do it yourself!

Take a hint from the vibrant and trendy hanging shelves above. These look very creative, bright and yet are highly functional and storage-friendly. It is one of the best rooms without windows solutions.

6. Add candles

Bougie déco de Noël Pomme de pin petit modèle par Bougies la Française Scandinave
Bougies la Française

Bougie déco de Noël Pomme de pin petit modèle

Bougies la Française

The lack of natural light in your room can be easily compensated with beautiful candles. They will create a mellow, cosy and elegant ambiance in no time. You can use the aromatic ones as well for a more charming feel.

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