10 antique mirror design ideas

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10 antique mirror design ideas

Jasmin Greene Jasmin Greene
House remodelling in North Bristol Chambre originale par Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects Éclectique
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Mirrors are a necessary part for any home. They are functional of course, but can also be used to add great design impact into a room. Antique mirror can transform a room from nothing to something amazing. An antique mirror is a piece of art, rare in form and one of a kind. These antique mirrors are special pieces that add tremendous value to the rooms. Creative juices will be flowing after viewing these beautiful and elegant antique mirrors.

Gold royalty

The first thing one notices in this room is the beautiful gold framed antique mirror against the white wall. It really brings this room together as an elegant bedroom. The mirror is a large size. Hung above a beautiful antique dresser. The frame of the mirror has a great design which looks regal. The design extends a bit more at the top, really bringing in the uniqueness. The gold colour too makes the mirror feel more luxurious.

Huge impact

Bedroom, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior Chambre originale par Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd Éclectique
Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Bedroom, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior

Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

This antique style mirror is huge. It literally takes up almost the entire wall next to the bed. It is framed in a nice silver metal, straight on the sides but the top has a nice wavy pattern that gives the antique feel. The large size of the mirror provides a huge impact in the room. The end result is an elegant bedroom, made possible by the beautiful and extra large antique mirror. 

Fancy design

This antique mirror provides much style and design for this room. It is extra large, taking  up an entire section of a wall. The mirror is framed with a gorgeous silver patterned frame. The pattern has a great texture and continues all around the mirror. At the top of the mirror the design is larger and extends up a bit more. The floral type design is regal and elegant. Overall it makes the room feel like a room that belongs to royalty.

Thick frame

Master Bedroom Chambre classique par homify Classique

Master Bedroom


For an extra punch of style to an already luxurious room, add a smaller mirror like this one. The designer chose the perfect size for the scope of the room, as there is already a lot going on in the room, the mirror does not feel overpowering. The antique mirror rests in a beautiful antique desk. It has a thick frame that uses teo colours in its design, a cream colour and a darker black shade, the design frames he entire mirror, and feels fancy like the rest of the room. In fact, this antique mirror design is the perfect compliment to the design of the wallpaper. The end result is a bedroom that screams elegance.

Claws and texture

Georgian Farmhouse Chambre rurale par Etons of Bath Rural
Etons of Bath

Georgian Farmhouse

Etons of Bath

This is a great stand alone antique mirror that speaks volumes to the design of the room. The mirror is held up by claws at the bottom, very vintage in style. The entire mirror design is grandiose and spectacular. The sides of the mirror are a woven sort of design, which has great texture. The bottom and top of the. Mirror is just a large, gorgeous design pattern that really stands out and makes the mirror special. This antique mirror adds so much design value to the room. It is definitely the statement piece of the room.

Small mirror, big impact

Kate Forman Fabric Collection Chambre classique par Curtains Made Simple Classique
Curtains Made Simple

Kate Forman Fabric Collection

Curtains Made Simple

This antique mirror is subtle in size but grand in design impact. It rests on a white antique desk, and is the perfect size for putting make up on. The mirror itself is unique with its vintage style shape and curved edges. The mirror is outlined in a thin, silver frame. This is a nice and subtle design that adds a lot of personality to the room. This small mirror ties in the antique look for the entire room. It is the perfect accessory for a classic vintage look.

Rounded perfection

Mayfair Apartment - Master Bedroom - Dressing Table Chambre classique par Meltons Classique

Mayfair Apartment – Master Bedroom – Dressing Table


This antique mirror is a beautiful, regal piece that makes this area feel like it belongs in an ancient castle somewhere. The mirror is attached to a base with small drawers for storage and a platform to display things like perfume and lotions. The mirror is made of a brown wood colour, the stain is very vintage and antique in feeling. The mirror is round in shape, with the wood paneling. Wood legs extend from the sides to the drawer platform to connect the two and hold up the mirror. The end result is a gorgeous piece of furniture made unique by the antique mirror attached. This definitely brings high design and effortless style into the room.

Bold gold

Welcoming Family Home Chambre rurale par Simone Barker Interiors Rural
Simone Barker Interiors

Welcoming Family Home

Simone Barker Interiors

Gold is a very regal and elegant colour. It also feels very vintage and antique. This antique mirror is no different. It is rectangle in shape and is planted on the wall next to the antique style bed. The mirror is framed in a bold gold colour. It is thick in style and has texture with it as there is a small and subtle, yet luxurious pattrn. The corners of there antique mirror has a nice, intricate design pattern that really makes the mirror feel antique. This mirror is eye catching. It definetly stands out in this bedroom and adds tremendous value to it. The antique mirror brings a great sense of luxury to this room. 

Black and silver

Bedroom Chambre moderne par Lujansphotography Moderne

The colours black and silver together can look very elegant and luxurious. Used here on this antique mirror, it does just that and more. The mirror is a rectangle shape, placed above the bed making it look like a work of art. It is indeed, with its interesting design frame. The frame is silver with darker, almost black, intricate pattern on it. The pattern even plays with the black pattern chair in the corner. The antique mirror here is a piece of art. It literally makes the room feel rich, creating a regal and elegant place that feels like a five stat hotel room.

Framed excellence

This antique mirror has a great frame that creates the elegant mood for this area. Places above the fireplace. It becomes a focal point of hither Oo , the gold frame stands out, with its thick and intricate pattern, the end result is an antique mirror that is a high design piece, making the room feel like luxury.

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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