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15 modern wooden kitchens that exude warmth

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You might think that wooden kitchens always err on the side of traditional styling, but we're here to show you today that this wonderfully adaptable material can bend to even the most contemporary of designs as well. With talented kitchen planners always looking for new and exciting ways to use wood, we've stumbled upon a wealth of incredibly inspiring spaces to show you today, each of which will definitely get you fired up to use a little bit more of this material in your own food preparation space. Let's take a look!

1. SO bright!

You really can't have too much of a good thing, if this incredible warm wooden kitchen is anything to go by! Using the same variety of wood for the cabinets and floor has generated such harmony and an energetic aesthetic as well.

2. Various tones in one spot.

The great thing about wood is that being an organic material, it works really well with a few different varieties, all in one space. Here, the paler, brighter wood offers a lovely distinction for the dining area, away from the darker kitchen.

3. Sleek and dark.

There's nothing boring or traditional about the wood used here, which is probably why it has been used for everything, from cabinets through to wall cladding and even splashbacks. A few simple glass inset panels break the scene up perfectly too.

4. Contrasted perfectly.

What works well with wood? Well, just about anything, but one of our all-time favourite materials to use alongside it is devilishly dark granite. There's just something so stoic and bold about granite and the hard and soft contrasts are amazing.

5. Industrial flavour.

Creamy, pale wood and shiny metal can be the best of friends, in a kitchen setting. The ideal balance of hygienic-looking and inviting, we think this is a contemporary pairing that we'll see a lot of.

6. Unique and bespoke.

What's great about wooden kitchens? So much, but in particular, the fact that they can be easily tailored to perfectly fit a designated space. Any kitchen can be a bespoke work of art, if you have a talented carpenter on hand.

7. Sweet like chocolate.

Is there anything more guaranteed to enrich and amplify a stunning kitchen design than an opulent dark wood? Not when it has natural stripes and tonal variations. Just look at those tall cabinets, standing proud and sleek!

8. All about the texture.

homify Cuisine moderne Bois

Speaking of stripes, we are enamoured with the look of this zebra striped wood, as it adds incredible drama to an otherwise neutral room. It has brightened up the cream walls and countertops no end and yet, never looks too over the top. It must be magic!

9. Warmth where it's needed.

Maybe you like the idea of using wood in a kitchen, but you can't see a totally wooden design working for you. Well, in that case, you want to follow this lead, with real wood flooring and a breakfast bar backing to match! All the good looks of wood with some added modern cabinets too! 

10. Full of character.

homify Cuisine moderne

Have you ever seen a Shaker kitchen with this much drama? The richness of the wood used, along with glittering granite, has made for an utterly spectacular finish here! Mosaic tiles have really finished the look off as well! What a medley of beautiful tones and rich aesthetics!

11. White and wood looking good!

Nothing contrasts with warm wood quite like bright white, which is why this kitchen has such a modern look!  While most people might opt for white cabinets and a wooden counter, the fortunes have been reversed in this space, to give a really contemporary and unusual feel.

12. Spacious and fresh.

Now this kitchen looks like it could be onboard a starship! Long and lean, the way that stripes have been used to amplify the proportion sis ingenious, as the room seems to stretch out into infinity! That enormous island, complete with contrasting top, certainly doesn't hurt either!

13. Lit to perfection.

With a lot of brushed metal appliances and reflective surfaces in this kitchen, the ambient lighting is working absolute wonders to create a spectacularly cosy aesthetic. The orange tone of the wood makes for such a glow that we don;t think we'd ever be able to leave!

14. Textural diversity.

The sheer number of different varieties of wood means that there will be a host that you've never heard of or seen before, and it's these more unusual choices that will really make a modern kitchen stand out. We have no idea what wood this is pictured, but we love how textured it looks. It makes us want to reach out and touch it.

15. A natural antidote.

Finally, just look at this incredible design! The bright red wall tiles could have been just that little bit too daring, but when balanced out with the pale and creamy wood cabinets, there is a harmony that is impossible to ignore. Who knew that wood and red could knock us dead? WOW!

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