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Replanning the apartment: Do's and Dont's

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
Salon original par Tiago Patricio Rodrigues, Arquitectura e Interiores Éclectique
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Apartments are truly fun spaces to work within.  The constriction of space and availability tends to expand the creative imagination of those forced either by budget or life-situation that have to live inside them – and that is a beautiful thing!

Those that live in apartments sometimes seem to have a higher quality of life, feel a sense of surrounding community and tend to in-home DIY, craft and hobby projects most often.  Every now and then, in order to refresh yourself and your space, it's great to replan your apartment. Typically at the beginning of a new year, or a new season this is a popular trend – but we're here to tell you that you can replan your apartment whenever you want to!

From switching furnishings and changing rooms to combining spaces and giving yourself an entertainment area, replanning your apartment should be well thought out and seriously considered!

Living room – balcony

The living room is the central and key area of any given home.  Including family time, space to eat and to entertain guests, a majority of your time will be spent here – so it should be thought of strategically! If you're lucky enough to have a balcony or terrace area, then you should consider combining these two spaces!

A balcony will not only provide a great source of natural light into your living quarters, but also allow yourself and guests easy access to the fresh air as well as the grooming of all those herb plants we know you like to keep! In apartments, it is best to keep balcony window furnishings minimal – think about sheers and flowing curtains, rather than shades!

Just look at how this balcony space brightens up this room No artificial lights even seem necessary!

Lounge zone in the kitchen

As the kitchen is the second most-used and primary area of the home, right after the living room, you and your guests might find yourselves spending more time in this area.  In moments when your guests, friends or partner arrive home and you've yet to finish cooking, it is great to include a lounge area in your kitchen so you can still communicate with each other during the cooking process.

Cramped kitchen and don't think a lounge area would be possible? Try the look in this example and set individual chairs near the kitchen space so guests can pull up a chair whenever they decide to and it won't make the space feel permanently cramped!

If your home is smaller, then combining these two space to optimize communication shouldn't be a problem at all – check out this example of a studio apartment!

Kitchen – dining room

Cuisine moderne par DoMilimetra Moderne

This interior photograph should prove to you, that no matter what size space you have, everything is possible. A lot of apartments, particularly tiny studios, don't give the tenant a proper dining area and for some, this is a travesty.

Creating a tiny dinette for yourself will prove benefits not only for eating breakfast with a partner or friend, but for extra counter top space as well.  This adorable kitchen might lack in storage and counter space – but the tiny dinette attached to the wall makes it feel instantly more homey and cozy!

Living room – bedroom

rue de rivoli 75001 PARIS Salon scandinave par cristina velani Scandinave
cristina velani

rue de rivoli 75001 PARIS

cristina velani

If you're really tight on space, then think about the living room/bedroom option.  If you have a loft-style apartment, like seen here, then placing your bedroom on the upper level can double your floor space and prove to give a fair amount of privacy.

What is interesting about replanning your living room and bedroom is that you're choosing two of the most important rooms in the house, yet they're quite different.  One is a mere private space and the other is a communal, entertainment space – so replanning both of them gives you a temporary fix and the best of both worlds.

Kids room in the living room

Chambre d'enfant minimaliste par ARCHDUET&DA Minimaliste

If you have children, we know that you're laughing while reading this – you probably feel as though every room in your home is your children's room!  However, providing your children a public place to roam, in the near vicinity of adults, can be rewarding and yes, challenging.

With limited space, we suggest you give it a try – having a personal area to play is important for children of all ages and you need not feel that you have to provide them with a separate, extravagant room.  If you install proper storage compartments, fold-out furnishings and decor that can sit on the border of cool-modernist and child's play, then you might have something up your sleeve!  Choose graphic prints and personal photography for this shared space!

Multimedia in the living room

Lastly, think about a miniature multimedia area in your living room! You don't need cinema-style chairs, dim lights and expensive equipment to conquer this task (although better-quality equipment does help!) Make sure your furnishings are comfortable, your TV and surround-sound speakers are of good quality and close the sheers for a great evening in!

If you're not so much into digital entertainment, consider making part of your room a personal area for books, magazines or other things you might enjoy – like in this example!

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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