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The Ultra Modern Jenga House

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From the renowned architecture firm, Speziale Linares, comes another great modern home certain to inspire multitudes of people looking for that sweet spot of contemporary suburban life. The clients of the JN House indicated that they wanted a house which can comfortably be both home and workplace without the one impeding the other. The architect took this challenge by the horns, and crafted an exceptional house to this end, whilst being able to attain a high aesthetic level at the same time.

The JN House is situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on a spacious plot overlooking a tranquil lake. It seems like the perfect location to wok from or to live in, and the lucky inhabitants of this home got both. The house itself takes up an area of 450 square meters, and consists of three levels.

The structure of the home look much like another project of Speziale Linares Architects, namely the JG House, with its bold colours and perfectly fitted sections.

Perfect fit

The JG House is a geometric feat which is strongly influenced by cubist design, and firmly rooted in modern architecture. Much like the other project mentioned above, the JN House, this building consist of several geometric volumes stacked upon each other like puzzle pieces.

The colour scheme of the exterior of the home is neutral, and has a strong natural quality to it. The walls are painted white and beige according to the volumes or sections of the home which look like 3D puzzle piece fitted into one another. In addition, the parking bay area, or lower left volume of the entire structure, is covered in stones, which create interesting patterns and colour. Together with neutral colour of the rest of the exterior, this creates a strong natural image and immediately establishes a sense of tranquillity and beauty.

Form and funciton

Looking at the rear of the home, we are once again impressed by its modern presence. The use of concrete for the structure and the white paint are undeniable characteristics of contemporary design. Furthermore, large glass windows and doors fill the façade, and are bordered by black steel frames.

The volume that forms the second level of the home overhangs the lower volume here at the back of the home, creating a shelter for a porch by the swimming pool for outdoor entertaining. Not only is this an effective use of the structure and space, but it also creates an interesting appearance which almost seems gravity-defying.

Ultra modern interior

The interior of the home is stunning, clean-cut and ultramodern. The white walls and ceiling create the sense of ever-expanding space, which accentuates the open-plan spaces flowing into one another effortlessly.

Here we can see the stairwell, which is a masterwork in itself, but is accessorised with a regal chandelier. The staircase is contains a half-landings, creating barriers between the different levels of the home sand so ensuring privacy. This is also a clever use of space, as it takes of less floor area and is very practical. The stairs consist of bulky, white concrete volumes, reminiscent of the structure of the entire home. The staircase is bordered by glass banisters topped with steel frames.

An eye-catching glass chandelier of extraordinary length hangs royally in the centre of the home, and so adds an unparalleled sophisticated touch to the interior.

Scandinavian inspiration

We are greeted by an equally modern kitchen when we move along inside the house. This space also has a touch of Scandinavian design with its streamlined wooden cabinets.

The counters, back splash area and ceiling of the kitchen are all white, which contrast with and compliments the natural warmth of the wooden cabinets. The countertops are sleek and seem to consist of a hardy composite material, perfect for a modern kitchen. The appliances are streamlined into the counters and cabinets, create a visual whole and strong sense of continuity.

The kitchen island in the cubic space allows for a work area accessible from any side and just as close to storage space and amenities from any vantage point.

Porch and garden

If we move out to the back yard area of the property, we find a lovely garden and recreation space. Firstly, we move out on the porch under the black metal frame veranda and overhang of the second floor. Here we can see a convenient barbeque area, complete with a bar counter, which should make this a wonderful braai area. This space is also covered in the stone tiles we saw at the front of the home, which delivers a lovely appearance on the porch as well.

In the right image we can also see the yard moving down in tiers toward the lakeside. On these tiers, the designers have added beddings for plants, which can easily be used for vegetables to make the home more sustainable. In any case, this is a beautiful addition to the natural surroundings and the property as a whole.

Lakeside pool

Now, this is a swimming pool that should be the envy of the neighbourhood. This crystal-clear, L-shaped pool moves vertically from the house’s porch right up to the edge of the lake. The pool area is surround by a white concrete area, which should be ideal for hosting fun pool parties.

Looking at this area from the different vantage points, it seems like an idyllic space to spend many sunny days under the blue sky. With its proximity to the lakeside, you must be able to see a diverse repertoire of indigenous wildlife. What a treat!

All-in-all, the location, structure and interior of this home make it the perfect place for a tranquil home as well as a comfortable workplace to inspire creativity and productivity, of provide a calming backdrop to deal with demanding clients.

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