How can I get a house like a hotel suite?

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After a long day by the poolside or exploring an exotic destination, there's nothing quite like kicking off our shoes and sinking into a sumptuous bath back at the hotel suite. There's just something about a great hotel suite that makes us feel like a million bucks.

But eventually of course we head home. Now you may be a neat freak, but there are plenty of others who suddenly find their unmade bed a little homely and the living room a little cluttered. Suddenly it seems the holiday is over and that bright and easy holiday feel has gone. But what if you could extend that holiday just a bit longer.

Perhaps you could do this by creating a home that looks and feels a little bit like a hotel suite. Albeit, one that's usually a little cheaper! With a few personal items, it might even be that little bit better because it will be yours. Here at homify we think it's entirely possible, so we have gathered a few photos and tips to get you inspired. Keep reading and learn how to turn your home into heaven on earth

Bedroom design

In our homes, bedrooms are often left neglected because they aren't on show. But in any hotel suite, the bed is the centrepiece of the room. Every element has been considered in great detail with the single intention to make your stay comfortable.

Almost every decent hotel will have side tables with their own lighting, a comfortable headboard for resting your head and a great collection of pillows. There will also be a side chair that is usually upholstered for you to sit while dressing. But let’s not forget the biggest factor in the bedroom, how to make a hotel-like bed…

Plush textiles

We think that bedroom textiles are a whole topic unto themselves. The biggest 5 star hotels generally use white sheets with a 300 thread count and they use three sheets on the bed. If you have the money, Egyptian cotton is best. Though white sheets are a perennial favourite, other colours in subdued colours can offer a sense of luxury. Don't forget the benefits of a beautifully upholstered bed or side chair. Just check out this silver grey and soft brown bed by Russian designers Dzhemesyuk Yurov.

If you have the money, invest in a good bed and consider a featherbed. When choosing pillows, go a little overboard. Three to five pillows are recommended. And don't forget to choose subdued colours that match the curtains and the rug.

Eliminate clutter and open up space

One of the biggest reasons we feel so free and easy in a hotel suite is because we are free from the visual reminders of everyday life. A note on the refrigerator, pile of washing or even a magazine we mean to read can set our minds frantically working when we least need it. Consider storage options that blend into your existing decor and eliminate visual clutter.

Out of all the tips here, this is the one single factor that costs very little money and has the greatest power to help you relax.

Bathroom design

Most of us aren't about to rip out our existing bathrooms, but there are a few easy ways to transform that bathroom into a cocoon of luxury. Simply – splurge on the details.

A new set of plush towels and a matching bathrobe is a great start. To retain the hotel-like decor, choose a subdued colour that matches the bathmat. Next, create a small and beautifully presented tray with lavish offerings of soaps, scents, candles and bubble bath. If you have a little more cash to play with, the next level is dimmable lighting, a fancy new shower-head or even the installation of body jets. And when you're finished, turn down that lighting and slip into that bubble bath for a bit of paradise.

Inspiration for one room apartments

The fabulous advantage of having a one-room flat is that it's just that much easier to create a cohesive decor. Look at this decadent room for inspiration. The plush soft grey bedhead reaches all the way to the ceiling to create an undoubtedly regal effect. This is of course amplified by the addition of a lavish chandelier.

While the entire look is lavish, it is created with just a few pieces and fine details rather than a whole lot of things. There is a complete absence of clutter and the entire layout has been designed to create a sense of spaciousness.


A gentle, dimmable light may have created that little extra romance while on holiday, so why not create that at home. Hotel lighting is usually layered and multiple lighting options are offered for maximum comfort. It is almost never on the cold end of the light spectrum and the yellow colour cast is both easy on our eyes and calming to the mind.

In contrast, we often use strong task lighting at home. This is of course necessary for some functions, but it should never be used when relaxing. Consider how you might install floor lamps or alternative lighting at convenient locations around the home. In this hotel lobby, note the use of a warm accent light above the bookshelf, the various floor lamps and of course, the colour of the lights.

If you are interested in a little luxury, you would love this Ideabook Exquisite and luxurious indoor swimming pools.

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