6 brilliant ideas for high walls

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6 brilliant ideas for high walls

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Salon de style  par Clorofilia
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If you're lucky enough to have tall ceilings, you need to know how to use high rooms to their full potential, especially when you consider how much scope for creativity they create! However, it's worth remembering that while these large surfaces encourage flair and artistic merit, to decorate high walls will usually take more money and more materials, which can impact on your budget significantly. 

Any interior designer worth their salt will be able to design high walls and help you top use high rooms to their full potential, but you need to know what would benefit you the most. Are you in need of more storage or do you want a dramatic design aesthetic? Perhaps you are in the market for a readymade gallery, right there in your home? Either way, high walls can offer you the answer, so come and take a look at some of our favorite applications!

1. Accessible extra storage.

Vue d'ensemble: Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Marion Rocher
Marion Rocher

Vue d'ensemble

Marion Rocher

By adding a false ceiling to one portion of a room, you can create a handy slew of 'roof' storage, when you need it the most. As you can see here, the bathroom and kitchen did not need to be double height, at all, so they have been boxed in, to create a storage zone above, accessed by a simple aside ladder!

2. Add a mezzanine.

Cuisine de style  par Uptic Studios
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

Let's say you have wonderful high walls, scope to add an extra level, but you don't need more storage; what can you build instead? How about a stylish and useful mezzanine floor? A great way to add an extra bedroom or even a private snug or den, you won't need to sacrifice any valuable rooms to do it!

3. Try a suspended ceiling.

Suspended ceilings look gorgeous and add striking architectural significance to any room and if you have tall rooms to begin with, they are a relatively simple addition. We think they work best when you select a sculptural, sweeping design, which works alongside beautiful lighting, for maximum impact. 

4. High shelving works well.

Let's be honest for a moment; you rarely hear anyone say that they simply can't stand the idea of having more storage in their home. This goes double for busy family properties! With that in mind, why not seek to make more of your high ceilings, by building beautiful shelving systems from the floor, right to the top of the room? They will look great and be more than a little practical too!

5. Add plenty of art.

Salon de style  par Clorofilia

Finding enough space to hang all your art can be tricky, especially if you want to curate it all together, as one cohesive collection, but high walls make it so much simpler! You can go to town with hanging your pieces nice and high, as well as en masse, to create a really engaging and eye-catching feature.

6. Subtly detract from the height.

While high ceilings and walls are generally considered to be positive architectural attributes, there are times when they simply don;t work as well as you'd like them to. When this is the case, you can seek out clever ways to distract from the height, such as installing long and low furniture pieces, which draw the eye downwards. Emphasising length instead of height is a simple but magical technique.

For more decorating ideas, take a look at this article: Amazing ways to decorate your walls.

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