7 backsplash and wall cladding ideas for the kitchen

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7 backsplash and wall cladding ideas for the kitchen

Kamla Villanueva Kamla Villanueva
Cuisine moderne par Asenne Arquitetura Moderne
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By default, kitchens are mostly tiled from floor to ceiling, but this doesn't have to be the case. Today we'll show you a wide variety of wall options for kitchen panelling, from ceramic tiles to wood to coated wallpapers, acrylics and plastics.

Before we decide on a particular type of wall, there are several questions that you'll need to consider. What color do you want to bring into the kitchen? How expensive or cost-effective is the wall cladding? What type of wear and tear does it need to endure? Do we want to install it yourself or bring an expert to do it for you? We all know that the wall design has a decisive influence on the style of the kitchen. If you are looking for a warm, cozy ambience, you will find gold-plated wood, for fans of modern purism, metal surfaces may be more suitable.

In order to make the choice a little easier, we have collected seven different designs and materials that will help re-orient you in the kitchen wall design.

Plastic and acrylic paints

White, black, stainless steel and a vibrant splash of yellow. Cuisine moderne par homify Moderne

White, black, stainless steel and a vibrant splash of yellow.


If you want to bring a little color into the kitchen, you can work with plastic and acrylic colors for the wall. These varnishes are waterproof, fast-drying, durable and easy to clean and are therefore ideally suited for kitchen use. Many modern paints and varnishes also contain anti-mold agents, which is also quite handy.

Ceramic tiles

Cuisine rustique par homify Rustique Céramique

Ceramic tiles are still very popular when it comes to lining kitchen walls. After all, they are easy to care for, and they can handle water jets, greasy splashes, upset wine bottles and much more. In addition to this, there is almost a limitless selection of different designs, colors and shapes in tiles for the kitchen cladding, so that every hobby cook is sure to find the perfect tile for his kitchen.


Chalet Gstaad Cuisine rustique par Ardesia Design Rustique
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

Wood in the kitchen looks natural and cozy. However, it is also relatively sensitive to moisture. Therefore, if you decide on using a wooden wall panelling in the kitchen, you should get an experienced specialist who will install them for you. It is also a good idea to regularly oil or grow wall cladding from real wood in order to protect the surface while preserving the natural character of the material.


If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective backsplash for the kitchen, you can opt for vinyl plates. These are easy to apply, easy to maintain, adapt to every budget, and can be individually customized and even personalized, as you can see from our example.

Natural stone

White Gloss & Latte Oak Cuisine moderne par Creative Designs Moderne
Creative Designs

White Gloss & Latte Oak

Creative Designs

Granite, slate, marble, sandstone, quartz natural stone walls in the kitchen are very popular, because they are easy to maintain, they are durable and they have a noble and romantic effect, no matter whether you decide on a rustic or a luxurious look. In these types of wall, we would advise you to leave the mounting of such stones plates to the professionals.


Cuisine originale par Dec&You Éclectique

Wallpapers are probably not the most typical wall covering for kitchens, but they are now an exciting alternative to traditional materials. These days, you'll find models that have a special coating, making them durable, easy to clean, and relatively moisture-resistant. The great thing about wallpapers is that they open up a huge range of different design possibilities.


Anyone choosing glass as wall cladding can choose between pure glass panels of different thickness and glass panels. Both versions are clear, frosted, satined or screen-printed. Glass panels can either be mounted with spacers on the wall or inserted into U-profiles, but glass panels can also be glued to the wall with silicone.

Extra tip: stainless steel

Stainless steel is relatively rare as a wall cladding, but in fact it combines many advantages from other alternatives: it is heat-resistant and is therefore particularly suitable for the area behind the stove. In addition, stainless steel is as easy to clean as tiles, as dirt and water are easily removed. And as an icing on cake, the look of the material visually also fits perfectly into many kitchen equipment made of steel. Cutlery, pots and pans form a harmonious structure with a kitchen wall made of stainless steel and would look magnificent in industrial style motif.

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