11 sensational glass houses

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11 sensational glass houses

Kamla Villanueva Kamla Villanueva
Maisons modernes par Innenarchitektur Berlin Moderne
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Homes with a large glass facades always look extravagant, they provide a different vibe to a home. Certain rooms with high windows can have natural light penetrate into the room and fill it with brightness. If you're worrying about strangers being able to peer in, fret not! This can be easily solved. For there are certain tricks which you could incorporate that will enable you with a more private and secure home. You may use blinds, curtains, frosted or glazed glass and even tinted glass for this purpose.

The following pictures in this article highlights the different unique designs that will inspire you on the versatility homes made of glass.  Whether it's rustic, modern or a prefab house -- glass has a way to elevate it's architectural design.

1. Simple elegance

How fantastic large glass facades look in modern houses, this is always an impressive combination. The glazed glass that protrudes on the upper floor clearly emphasizes the apparent transparency of the house. As for some desired privacy, it can be met by closing it up with the use of blinds. These are matched exactly to the façade, so they are more of a stylish extra than a disturbing factor.

2. Wood and glass finish

Prefabricated buildings can also be used as generously glazed buildings. The desire of these builders was to live in harmony with nature. The dream was realized with a house made of wood and glass. Thanks to the roomy windows, which can also be used as sliding doors on the ground floor, the borders between interior and exterior can always be opened at any time.

3. Glass house provides extra class

A total of 58 different window elements characterize the facade of this dwelling. Included are the differently sized glass with steel framing and concrete foundation, clad with black-colored exposed concrete. Even more interesting is the fact that the window area is more than twice as large as the floor area.

4. Bungalow with huge windows

When we hear the concept of bungalow, the image of the unattractive buildings from the 60s should have long since disappeared from our heads. Here is a wonderful example of a cool, modern bungalow with wide glass walls. Only a few wooden elements break through the transparent façade and protect private areas from sight.

5. Two floors with picturesque views

Maisons modernes par LEE+MIR Moderne

To enjoy the extensive panoramic view of the valley, the builders of this house installed glass facade walls. At the same time, this beautiful building has a very open atmosphere. Its lower windows are installed with sliding doors opening towards the south side. Once again, massive façade proportions and a property that has an extensive garden will ensure that neither passers-by on the road, nor neighbors from the side, can glimpse into the interior.

6. Original glass fronts

In this multi-generational house, not only is the glass façade facing the garden a fascinating eye-catcher, but having the panels in different sizes together with a wall that has different gray tones, is a testament of great style by an excellent builder. Due to the diagonal shape of the upper floor, the otherwise square shape of the windows is perforated in an impressive way.

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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