The 6 most beautiful ideas for high walls

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The 6 most beautiful ideas for high walls

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High walls offer elegance and a lot of space for creativity. However, you should also consider that high walls may require a larger sum compared to the normal budget ladder. Lighting effects and curtain lengths are on a much higher level. But your imagination should not be hindered from this slight predicament. High walls offer fantastic design possibilities, something that you can't always achieve with average walls.

High walls also offer a grandness like no other, it offers you a chance to create beautiful designs for drop lights or cove lighting or even creating a mezzanine for extra space. Since high ceilings necessarily result from high walls, it is also conceivable under certain circumstances to create a maisonette effect. Likewise, ornaments and decorations can easily be displayed on the walls with a much better arrangement compared to room ceilings at normal heights. If you are looking for inspiration, you should keep your eyes open by checking out old buildings and by consulting experienced interior designers so you can maximize high walls to their full potential.

Accessible storage space

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If you have rooms that have higher walls, then you can opt to create a mezzanine which could provide you extra space. But considering that it may have a lower headroom that is not quite conducive as a living space, then you may very well consider it as a storage in your home. The height of the ceiling is reduced in the same way as in the case of most mezzanines. 

After the lowering of the ceiling and somewhat reducing the height of the wall, you are then able to fully maximize your space. You can usually complete this masterpiece with an impressive staircase that offers a safe and easy access to your storage area.

Mezzanine rooms

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Here's another mezzanine that have higher walls. In this case, there is enough headroom, providing a suitable living space where the homeowner was able to create additional rooms.

With the help of an expert you can gain an additional space in this way, and get a nice top view of the first floor. Various materials are now readily available for the realization of such a project. So why not orientate yourself in designing what you want with the space you have.

Suspended ceiling panels

Suspended ceilings always look very impressive. They give the room something noble, if the ceiling also has an individual design at the same time. Especially rooms with high walls offer the best conditions for this design. At the same time, this style also covers up electrical wirings and provides enough space to install cove lights. Here, the ceiling is suspended in different levels. This results in a unique design feature that is noticeable when you enter the room.

Modern households can benefit from a suspended ceiling, as they offer room for extraordinary room lighting. As with almost all individual design options, you can always get adequately skilled people to install them for you. A room ceiling can be lowered with rigs, and an elaborate installation with indirect lighting can be installed, giving you a cozy, ambient atmosphere during the evening. Other than lighting, you can also add a elaborate ventilation and air-conditioning system depending on the height available.

High shelves

Contrary to walls with an average room height, shelves can be installed along high walls, having them extend all the way up to the ceiling. Shelves are available in open and closed versions: Closed models allow you to design the wall without color. If the complete wall is clad with a shelf, the decor or the design of the shelf also becomes a wall design, which is so much better, it provide you with storage compared to just putting up a wall.

Such shelves can be used individually. On the one hand, they can be installed normally on the wall of the room. However, if you use open shelves that can be used on both sides, this design also functions as a room divider. This can be tastefully illuminated and decorated with books or accessories. Such a space division requires little technical effort and offers a well-sophisticated look as well as additional space for tableware of various kinds.

Plenty of space for art and culture

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High walls are mainly phenomena of historical architectural styles. If you are looking specifically for high-ceilinged rooms, it is not out of the question that you are a lover of art and culture. Within the scope of such interests, such walls pay off naturally because they offer a lot of space. This is not only about the amount you use for the wall design, but also the possibilities of the arrangement which are feasible for spacious walls.

Real connoisseurs not only focus on a large number of art objects, but especially on how art is arranged. By means of a special arrangement, different objects can only be correctly positioned, so that these can also fully develop their intended effect. High walls, of course, offer ideal conditions for this. In addition, individual lighting can also achieve a beautiful effect, since it can be placed much more flexibly.

Tastefully distraction from the height

Sometimes high walls are also considered unfavorable. In such cases, not only suspended ceilings offer an attractive alternative but also elements that are could break the space. Here, you'll see a partially lowered portion of the ceiling along the counter which visually divides the living room from another part of the house.

With little effort, for example, a room separator can be produced which is installed not on the floor, but on the ceiling of the room. Such a construction can also be equipped with additional functions. An indirect lighting can also illuminate the center of the room, while the entire family lounges comfortably in front of the television in the living room. Such an installation has the advantage that not all the ceiling has to be suspended. Nevertheless, you get the optical effect of a lower ceiling and at the same time serves as a divider in the room.

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