25 great ideas to make more of your shower

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25 great ideas to make more of your shower

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Whether you only have room for a mini shower room or have an extra large bathroom to play with, a stylish and beautiful shower is an absolute must! Given that most showers are simply a variation on a standard theme, we can understand if you feel as though there aren't really many extravagant ideas to play with, but there actually are! 

We know that bathroom designers the world over will be impressed by the 25 funky bathroom shower ideas we have for you today, so let's take a look, right now, and see which ones appeal to you the most!

1. Add a stone wall.

As shower ideas go, we love how unusual and organic this one is!

2. Try fancy lighting.

No modern shower would be complete without some fabulous LED color-changing lighting!

3. Contain it entirely in glass.

A completely transparent screen will create the illusion of far more space.

4. Go all out with stone.

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If your budget can stretch, you will never regret encasing your shower in striking marble!

5. Invest more in the shower tray.

Never mind a plastic tray, how about smooth granite that feels like a dream, underfoot?

6. Go XXL.

If you have the space, a modern shower that extends the whole length of a room will feel very luxurious.

7. Place it in an awkward spot.

A sloping roof is nothing to be concerned about, when installing a shower! In fact, it's the perfect spot as it makes good use of an otherwise annoying area!

8. Add some wall niches.

We all need more storage and even a mini shower can be more useful, if you add some wall niche shelves, for housing toiletries.

9. Embellish it with a mirror.

This tip will make the entire bathroom look and feel a whole lot larger.

10. Use one material throughout.

Modern shower ideas always seem to focus on one gorgeous material being used to good effect. Dark stone is perfectly dramatic!

11. Use imposing ceramics.

Shower tile ideas don't get much more impressive than large-scale warm ceramic tiles.

12. Make it a walk-through installation.

What a great way to join a bedroom and en suite, with a functional twist!

13. How about experimenting with a circular design?

par 3D MİMARİ Moderne

Modern showers don't all have to be square or rectangular you know! A circular design will look astonishing!

14. Give it a disco feel.

par mori Éclectique

Reflective mosaic tiles make for a wonderful disco ball feel! Who doesn't want to wake up in a more funky way before work, after all?

15. How about using concrete for a bold look?

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Industrial home design is exploding right now! Concrete showers are not only stylish, they are on-trend and cost-effective as well.

16. Cordon it off more creatively.

A half-wall is a great way to separate your bathroom, without blocking out all of the light.

17. What about a colorful feature wall?

Where better to add a splash of color, than your shower?

18. Mosaic tiles always work beautifully.

Shower tile ideas don't have to be overly contrived! Simple mosaics always look a treat!

19. Take advantage of a corner.

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Any awkward spot, such as a corner, can play home to a fantastic shower! You might like to commission some custom glass, to get the most benefit from the room!

20. Inset it into the floor.

Shower trays are normally placed on top of a bathroom floor, but making yours flush will really up the contemporary aesthetic!

21. Be creative with your tile embellishments.

A few pretty strips of tile accents will instantly amplify the beauty of a modern shower.

22. Make it open-plan!

Why have a shower screen at all, when you can simply make your entire bathroom a wet room, and do away with any blockades? What a modern shower idea!

23. Use it to cordon off the toilet.

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What a clever way to maintain a whole lot of privacy where it is most wanted in a bathroom! A solid wall is a great idea!

24. What about a shower made for two?

Modern showers can be a little more romantic than you might realize, if you opt for a wonderful dual-use design! At least nobody would need to queue for the bathroom in the morning!

25. Embrace the rainbow!

For a really jazzy modern shower, we love the idea of rainbow-colored mosaic tiles. It's such a simple scheme, but has a wonderful impact!

For more fantastic bathroom ideas, take a look at this article: Top tips for creating a cozy bathroom.

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