13 errors professional gardeners wish you'd stop making

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13 errors professional gardeners wish you'd stop making

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Jardin de style  par Jane Harries Garden Designs, Rural
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We're not saying that there's a secret club where professional gardeners go to moan about all the mistakes that we are making, when left to our own devices, but when they are called in to sort out failed landscaping attempts, there are a few piquant issues that they curse about under their breath and we're going to tell you what those are, right now! By all means, design and craft your own dream garden, but take some top tips from the pros and you'll find that you end up with a far more beautiful, luscious and easy to manage space than if you simply try to master everything yourself. So… shall we take a look at gardeners pet peeves, to see which cardinal sins you've committed? Don't worry, we've made our fair share of them too!

1. Overplanting!

Sometimes, less can be significantly more, especially if you want a stylish and easy to maintain space, so reign yourself in a little bit!

2. Planting too close to the house.

Jardin de style  par Unique Landscapes, Rural

Never forget that plants and flowers can really spread out and you don't want to obscure windows and doors!

3. Not understanding your conditions.

You might fancy a tropical garden, but if your soil and light exposure won;t support one, you simply can't have one! Understanding your space is critical!

4. Starting without a plan.

Before you get the diggers in and start excavating, PLEASE know what you are hoping to achieve! Flying by the seat of your pants just won't work!

5. Ignoring your home's architecture.

Jardin de style  par IJLA, Moderne

You need your garden to be cohesive and it can't be if you don't take your architecture into account! At least mirror the colour scheme with your beds!

6. Relying on trends.

Jardin de style  par Unique Landscapes, Asiatique

Just because a certain style of garden is fashionable, it doesn't mean it will look good in your space! Always try to get a second, professional, opinion!

7. Ignoring the importance of lighting.

Jardin de style  par Decorum . London, Classique Céramique

Why take the time to have a lovely garden, if you can only enjoy it during the day? Great lighting makes all the difference and gardeners know that!

8. Keeping things too neat.

Jardin de style  par Yorkshire Gardens, Moderne

A garden is a living structure, which means that it will spread, develop and change, so you need to let go of your control issues a little! Let things evolve and enjoy the aesthetic!

9. Adding any old bed topper.

Jardin de style  par Yorkshire Gardens, Minimaliste Bois composite

Whether you choose mulch or gravel, be sure that the way you finish your beds is right for your soil and plants! Looking good is only one aspect of borders and beds, as they need to be able to breathe!

10. Underestimating a patio project.

On the face of it, a deck or patio is a simple DIY undertaking, but a lot of planning and prep needs to be done first! Be sure you have all the requisite skills and knowledge!

11. Watering at the wrong time of day.

Jardin de style  par Woodsford Landscapes , Classique

There's only one time to water and that's in the morning! Any other timeframe is simply not right and won't keep your garden in peak condition!

12. Forgetting to add extra details.

Jardin de style  par Garden Affairs Ltd, Moderne Bois Effet bois

Gardens aren't just about plants, so look for summerhouses, furniture and extra features that will really finish your space off to perfection!

13. Planting in the wrong places!

Jardin de style  par Josh Ward Garden Design, Moderne

ALWAYS read the guidelines for your plants, so you're sure you aren't planting a shade-loving bloom in direct sunlight! This is so simple, but a lot of us DON'T pay attention. It drives gardeners insane!

For some extra garden tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 18 snazzy modern water features for your garden.

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