16 seriously smart ways to live big in a small space

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16 seriously smart ways to live big in a small space

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Chambre de style  par better.interiors, Éclectique
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Small homes shouldn't be seen as a big problem, but rather, a HUGE opportunity for decorating in a more innovative and clever way. Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that you can absolutely enjoy refined styling, extensive storage and piquant little surprising features that larger homes have, up until now, enjoyed more frequently. If you don't believe us then you're in for a shock, as we're about to give you some brilliant tips for every room in a small home, from a cute kitchen through to a bijou bedroom. Let's get started!

1. Don't plump for small furniture, as it could amplify modest proportions! Choose larger pieces that make comfort the focal point.

Salon de style  par Clara Bee, Moderne
Clara Bee

Nightingale Triangle

Clara Bee

2. Use mirrors to add perceived space to small spaces and install them opposite a window to really make the most of your natural light.

 de style  par Black and Milk | Interior Design | London, Moderne
Black and Milk | Interior Design | London

Modern New Home in Hampstead – mirror

Black and Milk | Interior Design | London

3. Don't obscure the natural light in your small rooms, so choose pared back window dressings that can be opened up during the day.

4. Have a purge and remove any unnecessary items. A touch of minimalism really does help to create the feeling of more space and airiness.

Salon de style  par A1 Lofts and Extensions, Minimaliste
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Richmond Full House Refurbishment

A1 Lofts and Extensions

5. Build kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling and you'll create a seamless aesthetic while also garnering yourself as much storage as possible.

6. Build storage around your needs, as appose to adding more than you need and then trying to fill it with more things than you need. Less can be more!

Bureau de style  par homify, Minimaliste Bois Effet bois

7. Put dead space to new use and a small home will seem so much bigger and more up to the task of accommodating your family. Your under-stairs space is ripe for transformation!

Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par francesco valentini architetto, Moderne
francesco valentini architetto

house studio: living workshop

francesco valentini architetto

8. Use textures instead of patterns to add a little variety to your walls, as large patterns can be a little claustrophobic. Natural materials give you all the definition you need.

9. Don't be constrained by walls, as you can turn wall niches into extra living space! A niche home office is a fantastic use of a free area!

Bureau de style  par homify, Moderne



10. Adopt a multifunctional approach, by layering what you use your rooms for and you'll soon see that a small room can be so much more useful!

Salon de style  par homify, Moderne

11. Use corners more effectively, by choosing furniture pieces that fit directly into them. Large corner sofas are perfect for small living rooms!

12. Use the vertical space to your advantage by installing lighting and furniture that really amplifies it! Long pendulum lights are an incredible idea!

Salon de style  par decorazioni, Moderne

13. Build in, not out, with handy wall alcove shelves and you'll get a huge amount of extra storage, without requiring any sacrifice of floor space! Perfect!

14. Add interest with colour pops and a small room will come to life! Just one piece of bright or eye-catching furniture will be all you need!

15. Unlock hidden storage potential by thinking of ways to make use of wasted areas. Under your bed is premium real estate, in terms of integrated storage solutions.

16. Go bespoke and commission a carpenter to build you a window seat! A great way to garner extra seating, hidden storage and a beautiful focal point, we love this idea!

Salon de style  par homify, Moderne

Window Bay Seat


For more small home tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Small bathroom renovation ideas.

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