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Travelling today to Spain, we are privileged to tour a fabulously designed and decorated apartment. Modest in size, this 65 square metre home has been brilliantly brought to life thanks to the team at MADG Architect. Based in Bilbao, a major city in the province of Biscay in the autonomous community of the Basque Country, this dwelling is a gorgeous example of how a compact space can be transformed into a highly liveable residence. 

Many individuals encounter difficulties and challenges when attempting to create a sense of spaciousness within a humble apartment space. Throughout the dwelling we see an elegant and earthy colour palette, with many pale and muted tones utilised to enhance the overall ambience. Additionally, the interior has included sleek finishes and all necessary amenities for comfortable 21st century living. Furniture is not simply perfunctory, but instead imparts elegance and class within the interior spaces, providing a gorgeously welcoming and stylish home. 

If you would like to check out the rest of this wonderful dwelling, take a gander at the images below, and gain some great ideas for your abode!

Compact yet liveable

The first room we are taking a look at is the living and dining area. Both inviting and stylish, this space has been well designed for relaxing and casual enjoyment. Sophisticated and elegant, this room offers a sense of space that would normally be difficult to achieve with such a compact floorplan. 

The focal point of the room is the large glazed window that sits at the back of the space, while the central sideboard is contemporary, and adds a sense of organisation to the area. Mid-century modern furniture is included, and works beautifully to reveal a combination of different tastes and options. 

A minimal and timeless kitchen

Within the kitchen we see all the necessary modern conveniences that one might require for 21st living. The room has limited space, but still manages to include all the essentials. 

The joinery is sleek, with a high gloss finish. This helps to add an element of opulence within the room, and offers a reflective surface in order to bounce light throughout the room. All in all, this is a simple but stylishly thoughtful cooking area. 

A sumptuous master suite!

As we move into the master bedroom we are surprised by the spacious ambience within! From this vantage we see the large window that has been dressed with a sheer draped curtain. Have you ever wanted to make you windows feel larger than they are? In this example we see the solution! By placing the curtains from ceiling to floor, and far beyond either side of the actual opening, the window feels far bigger than it actually is. Commonly used to enhance the spaciousness of a room, this effect gives the sensation of a large and open space. 

Moreover, to the top left of the room we are able to glimpse the wall-mounted television that provides the bedroom with a space to watch films, relax, and enjoy some time in bed. A dark timber floor contrasts well against the light wall hue, and adds to the depth of the room. 

A place for everything…

Turning around and viewing the room from another angle we are able to see the small ensuite bathroom, as well as the sleek modern furniture. The bed is set against a feature wall, adding depth and interest to the room. 

The bed is soft, cosy, and comfortable, adding indulgence to a welcoming and compact room. In-keeping with the living and dining room, the furniture is white and sleek. Lighting comes in the form of two wall-mounted side lamps, ceiling downlights, and a tallboy lamp. 

Elegant bathroom

The final room we are visiting before ending our tour is the bathroom. This is an unbelievably luxurious and striking bathroom, replete with earthy hues, textured finishes, and a host of opulent elements. The design is unique, and matches well with the inventive aesthetic seen throughout the dwelling. The concrete effect used for the walls adds an industrial vibe, while the room is softened by homely accessories and reflective surfaces. 

We hope you enjoyed touring this striking and well-designed compact apartment! If you would like a little more inspiration, check out another one of our Ideabooks here: The East Meets West Apartment

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