6 design ideas for dog lovers

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6 design ideas for dog lovers

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
Louise Tate Dog Prints par Anthea's Home Store Rural
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A dog is a man's best friend, and these design ideas for dog lovers are an expression of our fondness for our fury friends. Decorating the house with what we love and what makes us happy creates good vibes in the house. Interior design is about expressing what's closest to our hearts. 

This ideabook features a range of design ideas for different budgets all based on the single theme of dogs. Here, you will find dog posters, dog hand phone holders, dog tissue holders, dog print cushions, and dog garden statues. We hope you will find some canine friendly designs for your home here.  

Classic poster with Dalmatian

'Love Me Love My Dog' Art Print par homify Classique

'Love Me Love My Dog' Art Print


This classic poster of a woman taking her spotted Dalmatian for a walk with the words Love me, love my dog on it is a bold statement about the loyalty that lies between two best friends of a different species. This touching inter-species friendship is beautifully portrayed in this chic looking poster. 

Now let's take a walk and browse through some of these other design ideas for dog lovers shall we? 

Cool dog hand phone holder

How many times do we have to misplace our hand phones and then waste too much time looking for it before we finally realize that making a special place for it in our homes will solve that problem? Hopefully these cool dogs with sunglasses will be our faithful companions by holding our hand phones neatly in place on top of their heads!

Doggy tissue holder

par Givensa Moderne

This adorable little doggy tissue holder will make you smile even when you're reaching out for tissue to wipe tears away. It's also practical and convenient as you can attach it to any wall temporarily so it doesn't have to take up space on a table, and you can easily reach for it after washing your hands in the bathroom for example. 

Dog print cushions

par Lenz & Leif Moderne

This soft woolen dog print cushions in a variety of neutral colors will add comfort and tenderness to your favorite cozy spots in the home. These cuddly dog print cushions also have matching soft blankets to keep you snug and warm. 

This lovely dog print cushions are designed by Lenz & Leif, designers based in Stuttgart, Germany. They also have an assortment of other simple designs for cushions and blankets. 

Doggy garden statue

par Thermobrass Classique

This little Pug is a nice addition for a garden. Sitting on a beautifully polished stone, this Pug dutifully watches over the house and the garden. We love how this doggy garden statue has captures all those wrinkles and folds of a Pug with some careful attention and detail, making it almost life-like. 

Browse through some of these gardens here on homify for more ideas and inspiration. 

Collage dog poster

Louise Tate Jack Russell Terrier Print par Anthea's Home Store Rural
Anthea's Home Store

Louise Tate Jack Russell Terrier Print

Anthea's Home Store

This creative and ingenious piece of art features a Jack Russell Terrier composed of a collage of Jack Russell Terriers. It is a unique piece of art that not only dog lovers would appreciate. The black and white color scheme makes it easy to fit in just about anywhere. 

We hope you've enjoyed these design ideas for dog lovers. For more inspiration, have a look at 10 design ideas for animal lovers

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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