9 key things that stylish people have in their homes

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9 key things that stylish people have in their homes

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 de style  par Luku Home, Moderne
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We are shameless, when it comes to looking for easy techniques to inject instant style and glamour into our homes, and we like to think you're the same – so we've decided to put together a comprehensive list of must-haves for a wow-factor home! Interior designers are kings amongst men, when it comes to turning formerly understated or boring homes into undeniable havens of style and sophistication, and having spent a lot of time checking out some of their most successful projects, we've hit upon 9 key motifs that super cool homeowners always look to include in their properties. The best part is that we're going to tell you what they are, right now!

1. Unexpected details.

The most stylish homes always pay really close attention to those small details that so many people overlook. We're talking about things like non-standard hardware, updated furniture legs and fancy additions, such as sculptural coving.

2. Bold choices.

 de style  par The Lighting Store, Classique

We don't think that you'll ever set foot in a staggering home that doesn't have at least one really 'out there' design choice. A common choice is a fantastically opulent statement light fixture and we don't know about you, but we don't need much more convincing to hang a crystal chandelier… in an unusual place!

3. Stylish collection displays.

 de style  par Purdom's Bespoke Furniture, Rural Bois Effet bois
Purdom's Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke alcove unit

Purdom's Bespoke Furniture

Really stylish homes always put pockets of potentially wasted space to brilliant use, which is why alcove storage displays are frequently seen. The perfect place for some books, records and even art, they are as useful as they are pretty.

4. A little greenery.

Agencement végétal d'intereur / interior plant design:  de style  par Adventive, Éclectique Fibre naturelle Beige

Agencement végétal d'intereur / interior plant design


No stylish home is ever complete without some striking greenery! Small cactus plants won't cut it, as you need to be looking for leafy ferns, tropical palms and really unusual blooms that will get people talking and wanting the phone number of your landscape architect!

5. Luxury throws.

 de style  par rigby & mac, Éclectique Coton Rouge
rigby & mac

Fairtrade Cotton Throw

rigby & mac

Layered textiles are a great way to create a really stylish aesthetic, but you have to keep your eyes peeled for luxurious natural materials. Heavy cottons, rich wools and warm felts are all perfect choices that will help you to wear you style credentials on your (sofa's) sleeve!

6. Something antique.

Adding an antique item of furniture to your home will give it an instant style injection. Our personal preferences include weathered leather armchairs and gorgeous roll-top baths. There's just something about bathrooms that make them such natural recipients for a little touch of heritage, don't you think?

7. Statement art pieces.

 de style  par King & McGaw, Moderne
King & McGaw

Rorschach, 1984 (Special Edition) by Andy Warhol

King & McGaw

There's no getting away from the fact that the most beautiful and stylish homes in the world always seem to have a slew of fabulous art on the walls. You don't need to the next Charles Saatchi to get in on this though, as some pretty prints in simple frames will be more than enough!

8. A reinvigorated classic.

 de style  par Luku Home, Moderne
Luku Home

Riad Rug

Luku Home

Would you just look at this amazing chair? Freshly reupholstered in a modern luxe fabric, it combines vintage styling with a contemporary twist and perfectly demonstrates what stylish homeowners always seek to include in their properties! It's all about nods to the past, made personal and interesting!

9. A well-proportioned work space.

 de style  par AMBIVALENZ, Minimaliste Contreplaqué

Fläpps Secretary – White


What household doesn't have a budding blogger, home-worker or studious teen these days? That's why a work space is a vital inclusion in every home, but the more stylish ones always seek to create an office where you wouldn't expect one. Innovative folding desk solutions are fairly common in cool homes, so check them out!

For more stylish home tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Stylish stairs for small spaces.

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