​Easy ways to make your kid’s room colourful for Christmas

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​Easy ways to make your kid’s room colourful for Christmas

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Kid’s are the most excited when it comes to festivals and events. They want to be part of very small ritual and would like to be an active participant of all conversations and discussions related to the festive season. Especially for Christmas, kids are always excited with the jingles, Santa Claus and decorations in the house. To make them further enjoy the festive mood, we bring to you an ideabook that teaches how to include festive spirit in kid’s bedroom. This includes different wall colours, paintings; bed sheets and even carpets that can make them feel the real fun and fervour. You might discuss these changes with your kids to help them design the room in their own special way. You can even incorporate DIY ideas to further make the decorations more personalised and warm. Let’s start with the wall colours!

Change the wall colours

Wall colours are the bases of any room décor. Even for Christmas, wall colours play a major role in giving your room the perfect festive aura. You may decorate the room as per your child’s wish. Try and discuss with them the choice of preferred colours. They may also listen to their particular likes or dislikes for the Christmas season. In case of girl’s room, try going for pink, shades of red and contrasting white walls so that they can keep this theme for long. You may further support them with flowers, dots and tropical themes to exude a perfect feminine touch. On the contrary, for boys room go for bold red and white. You may accentuate this with the use of cartoon characters, bold stripes and even themes like aircraft, technology etc. All other accessories like carpet, details and bed sheets should be chosen according to the wall colours.

Change the bed sheets

Bed sheets can also help to add a festive charm to the room. These can be carefully chosen as per the size of the room and the taste of your child. Go for bright colours that not only look good but also act as a soothing change for your child. For the ideal Christmas spirit, you may choose white and red bed sheets that add a glow and radiance in the area. Try going for patterns that have Santa or reindeer or stockings printed on top for a complete enjoyment. You may also make use of DIY stickers to add effect to old bed sheets and make them as good as new. Use dark colours so you do not have to change the bed linen often during the Christmas period. In addition to this, you might also brighten the beds with the incorporation of contrasting and bright cushions that further add colour to the room. The little bedding shown above has been taken from a kid's room project by KRS-design by designers from Germany. 

Change different art paintings

So once you have decided on the wall colours and changed them according to the festive mood, it is time to change the wall décor as well. Replace all the family portraits, paintings and wall hangings with Christmas based products. You may make use of stockings, wreaths, gift boxes and other products painted in red and white. Furthermore, you might also make use of a big Christmas tree that is embellished solely by your child. He may use his creativity and easy DIY furnishings to make himself a personalised tree. You may also include frames and mirrors that are painted in red, white and green hues for ideal Christmas theme. Try going for wall calendars that are designed on Christmas ideas.

Change the biggest interior in their room

The biggest interior in the room will be responsible for a major effect. This can either be a wall décor or a chandelier or even a carpet depending on the size and layout of the room. In some rooms, it can simply be the wall colour that plays the major role. So, go for the item that can be the make or break deal of the rom. You may go with wall décor as shows in picture. These red Christmas trees are basically bookshelves that not only are functional but highlight the festive charm as well. This will act as a refreshing twist for kids who are always looking for something new ad colourful in their room. You might also give the ceiling a different festive touch that will again arouse the curiosity of the kids.

Change the carpet

The carpet is one of the major accessories of any room. It is that particular aspect which can never go unnoticed. Be it a small room or a big room, a fitting rug or carpet will surely lend its charm in the area. For Christmas in particular, try going for bright and colourful carpets that match the overall room décor. You might also go for contrasting colours like red, green and white to mark the ideal festive enthusiasm. Match the colours with the bed sheets and wall décor items for a harmonious effect. If not a carpet, you might go with area rugs to highlight certain zones of the room like study area, bed etc. This will further add to the magical charm of the room. You may also use themed carpets with a Santa or reindeer printed on the top.

Change the lighting

The lighting plays a highly imperative role in any room décor. Especially for festivals, lighting is as important as sweets and chocolates that basically mark the onset of terrific festive spirit. When you are preparing your house for Christmas, you might decorate the exteriors with colourful LED lamps that display perfect festive patters like Christmas tree, Santa etc. In kid’s bedroom, change the regular lighting with something more profound and more festive. This can either be incorporation of new and colourful LED lamps or use of round balls or even colourful lampshades. Try going for lampshades that have Christmas themes printed on them. You may also go for left over lights from Diwali to decorate certain areas like cribs, study tables and even bedsides to enlighten the perfect Christmas fervour.

Hope this ideabook enriched you with many new ideas to prepare your home for Christmas. Do checkout this ideabook that will guide you to have a green roof for your home : 7 steps to a green roof for your home 

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