13 laundry ideas that you can easily copy for your dream home

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13 laundry ideas that you can easily copy for your dream home

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Laundry spaces are often one of the last to be given due attention when it comes to interior design. Technically, a laundry space usually accomodates a washing and drying machine along with washbasin and sometimes space to keep soiled to recently washed clothes. At times, large houses might also have cabinets to store clothes once they are washed and dried. Except in cases of big houses with large families, a typical laundry setting is mostly a part of the bathroomDesigners usually create space below basin counters or unused niches to keep the washing and drying machinery away from the wet areas of the bathroom.

Do you wish to see some really nicely done practical examples? Read on further…

1. A washing machine that fits in perfectly below the sleek wooden counter

Salle de bain classique par Decoroom Classique

2. A laundry space with peppy green flooring and cushioned seating complemented with artistic wall tiles

3. A sleek laundry room with space for a washbasin, folding table, as well as a large wardrobe

The space also has excellent lighting facilities as well as a potted plant for further appeal

4. A laundry room with nice blue colored storage cabinets

5. A laundry space with exposed brick finish and an elegant light fixture in the centre

6. A monotonous laundry room with white colored cabinets and adequate space to fit in the washing and drying machines

7. This laundry room is a part of a sleek kitchen space and has a wonderful color palette consisting of white and gray shades

We also loved the artistic wall tiles that has a nice metal finish to them

8. A compact laundry space that is expertly fit inside a wooden cabinet

9. A laundry room with arrangement to fit in the washing and drying machines one above the other within the compact niche

Salle de bain moderne par STUDIO Z Moderne

10. A washing machine that fits in perfectly in the cabinet with a neat wooden shutter

Handle less Polar white Glamour Cuisine moderne par PTC Kitchens Moderne
PTC Kitchens

Handle less Polar white Glamour

PTC Kitchens

11. An elegant bathroom that has a sleek niche to accommodate the washing machine

12. A washing machine that comfortably fits inside a compact bathroom below the U-shaped wooden unit, the top wooden unit can also be used as a storage platform

Salle de bain moderne par Decoroom Moderne

13. A bathroom with an elegant stone counter and space to house the washing machine

Salle de bain moderne par Decoroom Moderne

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