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A façade system is the exterior skin of a building which works as a protector in weather resistance, thermal and fire resistance.  Apart from its structural benefits, it is also valuable in creating the first impression about the house and family that lives inside, for all those who see it for the first time. A façade is an outer covering which symbolises the theme of home decoration and can be considered as an extension of the inner home décor. In a whole it summarises the aura of inner decoration which makes it necessary to give utmost importance to its styling, design and structure.

Façade systems come in various styles models and make. Each variety has its own distinctive benefits and individual aesthetic contribution that makes the house more attractive. One can experiment with metalic panels or wooden cladding, cladding the façade using different materials like stone or wood go a long way to provide a lasting impression on every onlooker’s mind. Read on to know more about the versatile options and how it can enhance the look of your beautiful abode.

Light and shadows

Perspectiva noturna Tony Santos Arquitetura Maisons minimalistes
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Perspectiva noturna

Tony Santos Arquitetura

One of the most extraordinary factors that make the exterior face of the house more captivating is the play of light and shadows. With the  proper integration of design elements, it can serve as the most brilliant outer décor and a object of envy for others. In this manner, along with the material of the façade immense importance is provided to the lighting fixtures to achieve the intended look. The shape, size and colour and the direction of the lighting fixtures determines the actual look of the façade. During day time the appearance of the house changes due to changing direction of light and shadows which at night takes an altogether different view with the infused light control systems. This kind of lighting design is more popular with the stylish bungalows in India.

Façades with different volumes

This is another excellent option to decorate the exterior of the house and provide some freshness to the boring concrete surfaces of a building. Different volumes with intriguing shapes and forms provide an excellent pattern that make it quite interesting and an eye catching construction. To discard the monotony of the volumes one can even paint the same with contrasting colours to provide a brighter effect to the décor. These kinds of facades with a touch of uniqueness and creativity can be of high acclaim and bring attention to the house amongst the other homes in the neighbourhood.

Closed façades

One of the best examples of facade designs is the closed or the banded façade design. The closed facade with small slits is not a symbol of loneliness or retreating from the outside world but on contrary it provides an exceptionally beautiful exterior that looks elegant and full of sophistication. It’s a feeling of formality, especially when it is designed symmetrically. Black or other dark colours suit best these kinds of exteriors. Lighting is another important feature to consider while mantaining the amazing look of the house. Foot lights with correct pedestal height are best to highlight the stylish facade.

​Mirror façades

New Build House, London Nic Antony Architects Ltd Maisons rurales
Nic  Antony Architects Ltd

New Build House, London

Nic Antony Architects Ltd

Mirror Façades are a standout décor option that can transform the exterior appearance of the simplest looking house. One can install mirrors in the front side or the back side of the house so that it reflects the surrounding landscape which altogether makes a captivating sight. With different kind of mirrors that can be used one can be assured of nice illusion of the surrounding landscape. Another intriguing aspect of having a mirror façade is to maintain a strong relation with the surrounding. One can use tiny round mirrors, column mirrors or block mirrors to enhance the look.

Façades with balconies

One of the most delightful additions to enhance the look of the exterior of a house is by adding an outstretched balcony. Along with providing a modern appeal it also provides an added space to be utilized all year through. One can use metal rails or retractable glass balconies which truly enhance  the look of the house. The best benefit of this façade is that it adds more space to the house and helps bring in natural light into the home. But on the other end it also has the disadvantage of being exposed to crude weather and needs proper maintenance to retain its look and usability.

Stone façades

Another popular option to design the exterior of the house is the stone façade which truly provide a rustic look to the whole décor. Designed in combination with dark wood this design provides a sense of rigidity and firm beauty which can stand the test of time. It can be implemented on contemporary homes as well. Having interlocking volumes that are clad in dark textured stone can enliven it's appeal by several folds. Stone plays a  huge role in determining the outer appeal of the house. 

To conclude decorating the outer face of the house with multiple styles of facades not only contributes to its exterior décor but also impacts on the energy efficiency of the house. There are innumerable ideas which can be complemented with creative solutions to make a home façade appealing. And with such a outdoor décor as the backdrop, hosting a myriad of events or parties in the outdoor areas will always be a pleasure.

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