Best bed placement ideas

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Best bed placement ideas

Kamla Villanueva Kamla Villanueva
Chambre de style  par Sensearchitects Limited, Moderne
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Have you ever encountered that problem of not knowing where to place your bed? Is there a way to maximize the space without it looking too awkward? Usually, the bed takes up a huge bulk of the space and so, today, Homify will show you a few tips and tricks that will help you make a proper layout. Here's a few examples of how the placement of your mattress could work based on the size, design and layout of your room.

1. Against a plain wall and away from the window

This is the standard and probably the most ideal placement for a bed. The headrest is against a plain wall without being closely constricted near the swinging of cabinets or doorways. It is also at a comfortable distance away from the heat of the sun.

2. Along a sunroof of a slanted ceiling

 de style {:asian=>"asiatique", :classic=>"classique", :colonial=>"colonial", :country=>"de stile Rural", :eclectic=>"éclectique", :industrial=>"industriel", :mediterranean=>"méditerranéen", :minimalist=>"minimaliste", :modern=>"moderne", :rustic=>"rustique", :scandinavian=>"scandinave", :tropical=>"tropical"} par Misty Interior,
Misty Interior

Fur Bed Spread

Misty Interior

Chambre de style  par The Market Design & Build, Moderne
The Market Design & Build

I could curl up here forever!

The Market Design & Build

Imagine seeing the stars right at the comfort of your own bed. Wouldn't it be amazing? But of course, there are other things to consider in order to achieve this.

If you're bedroom is located along the attic, then having a slanted wall could be a problem. You wouldn't want to hit your head on one of those. So for this set-up, you could opt to position the bed with it's headrest along the bottom of the slanted area. Now, as for the sunroof, you will have to check the position of the sun in a way that wont give you sunburns, in this case, it would be nice to have a remote-controlled shade installed to keep the afternoon sun out.

3. Along a partition wall

Chambre de style  par Roundhouse Architecture Ltd, Moderne
Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Plot 2 Durward Gardens, Kincardine O'neil, Aberdeenshire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Chambre de style  par homify, Moderne

Modern Studio Apartment in London


Here we have two examples of beds placed along wall partitions. The first is a room that has the bed's headrest against a divider with two openings at the sides leading to another part of the room - it could be a mini-office or a walk-in closet hidden behind the wall. Compared to the previous room that also has a slanted wall, this one placed the bed away from the corners, making the bed appear larger.

The second room above shows the bed placed beside a divider. This is a good way to layout studio-typed apartments. Giving you that open and airy feel while still providing some privacy.

4. In the middle of the room

 de style  par Revival Beds, Classique
Revival Beds

The Camargue Sleigh Bed

Revival Beds

If you have a busy room where all the walls are filled with bookshelves and desks, cabinets and windows, the only viable space to place the bed could only be at the very middle. It may seem odd, but how can we make it work? First, the bed is near the fireplace, perfect for those cold nights, second is making it look cozy enough for resting. I would suggest adding a table along the headrest just to break the space and add a stool or a chest along the bottom of the bed and if possible, make-it a four-poster bed to give it that enclosed cozy atmosphere.

5. Twin beds

Chambre de style  par Building With Frames, Moderne Bois Effet bois

 de style  par My Italian Living, Moderne Bois Effet bois
My Italian Living

'Genio I' bunk bed with writing desk by Corazzin

My Italian Living

Positioning twin beds has always been side by side with a small table in between. For this layout, you could opt to have a strip of headrest that's perfectly snug horizontally, making the room look wider. This design element will help completes that overall look you are looking for.

Now, in other occasions, having a bunk bed may just be what you need. Like in the second example, you'll see how the architect was able to further utilize the space by adding in a table.

6. Smack on the corner

In order to further maximize space, placing the bed at the corner of the room will provide more floor area to move around. Like in this photo, you could use a day bed which doubles as couch for sitting during the day. The bed could even have a pull-out feature for when friend come for sleep overs.  

7. Hidden inside the wall

 de style  par lookingstudio, Moderne Bois Effet bois



Now for the trick that maximizes the space the most! For this, I would recommend having a pull-down murphy bed. Imagine having one room that you can use as an office space during the day and as a guestroom for when friends and relatives come over. That's already a two-in-one deal!

8. Nestled in a small room

Chambre de style  par The Upcyclist, Éclectique
The Upcyclist

Single fold down bed

The Upcyclist

Now for small spaces, having a bed fit against all three walls maximizes the area well, giving it that snug cozy feel.

For other design ideas for you bedroom check out '5 space-saving tips for a small bedroom'.

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