Making A Splash at Home

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Making A Splash at Home

Kamla Villanueva Kamla Villanueva
Piscine méditerranéenne par VIVSA. VIVIENDA SANA Méditerranéen
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Why waste all that sunshine? Living in a tropical country such as the Philippines would most likely get you thinking how some people often go on staycations in nearby hotels just to relax and go for a swim while some others prefer hanging out at a nearby coffee shop just to escape the boring confines of their house, well, nothing wrong about that, but wouldn't it be better if you could take the vacation place to your family home instead? Try adding these cool refreshing ideas that will make your home a place of fun and relaxation, with these, I bet you'd rather stay at home than hang out at the nearest hotel or coffee shop.

Open Air Poolside

Try a semi-elevated pool in the corner of your open-floorplan living space. I'm sure you're already imagining your partner in the kitchen peering over the kids in the pool while preparing your family's sumptuous lunch. Then there's the family room with some of your friends and relatives watching television, enjoying the nice breeze circulating along the house, bringing that outdoor feel inside. With this set-up, there won't be a need for that perfect getaway when the perfect getaway is your home. For more unique ideas check out these pool inspirations.

Rooftop Nook

Making the rooftop a usable space in your family home isn't really new, but making that rooftop feel like your very own cozy corner of the world is another thing. Tweak it as a breakfast nook where you could have that wonderful French toast right after your early morning swim on that beautifully tiled infinity pool. Complete this look with some pots of greeneries and wood-like PVC floor tiles, which is a nice alternative to real wood since they are easier to maintain for tropical countries such as the Philippines. You're sure to enjoy the view with a rooftop nook like this.

Cooling Down

Thinking of a different way to cool down your family home from the tropical heat? Is the insulation attached in your ceiling not doing much? Here's a fun ingenious idea for your staycation home: try placing some sun-loving plants at the top your roof to keep the UV rays at bay. Another solution in keeping the atmosphere cool indoors is to have water circulating inside the house. Having the water flow along natural stones will keep it's temperature low as it cools your home. This makes your house not only feel like a vacation place but a place you could stay in without having to turn on the air conditioning. For this type of project, it would be best to consult the professionals.

Dip-your-feet Lounge

Having a pool with a gradual recline instead of the usual stairs gives your swimming pool that wonderful beach feel. Adding in some lounge tables and chairs along the surface will have you dangling your feet splashing playfully along the water. It is surely a one-of a kind experience, one that makes for a good conversation starter for entertaining guests while having some margarita on the side.

Zen Pool

Building a swimming pool central to your family home definitely invokes a sense of Zen. Having waterworks often give off a calm and relaxed atmosphere to a home. Those barbecue parties, board game sessions and date nights along the poolside are sure to create a wonderful nostalgic family affair.

Pond-like Swimming Pool

A very unique way of creating a swimming pool that is in-sync with the environment is by creating one that is embedded in a pond-like setting. It is both rustic and idyllic - perfect for nature-lovers. The shallow surface has an array of rocks and plants which portrays that natural hot-spring vibe wherein you could lounge to your heart's content.

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