12 beautiful ideas for a fancy front garden

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12 beautiful ideas for a fancy front garden

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If you're trying to think of some cool ideas for making your front garden a little more exciting or stylish, check out our suggestions before calling your gardener in! We think we've identified some really key motifs that guarantee you a stunning, eye-catching and really impactful front garden, which will instantly make the façade of your home really shine as well. be prepared to be the envy of your entire street though, as if you decide to use any of these ideas, you might get some seriously jealous glances from your neighbours!

1. Rustic stone walls.

Is natural stone capable of ever looking anything but elegant, stoic and striking? We don't think so, which is why some rugged stone walls will look amazing in your front garden.

2. Bursting flower borders.

If you have a green thumb, don't only pout it to good use in your rear garden! Some simple borders, filled with colourful blooms, will make your front garden look phenomenal. 

3. Eye-catching steps.

Even the simplest of front gardens can be gorgeous, if you focus your energy on your steps! The floating wooden deck steps here are incredible and with integrated lighting, they'll look just as good at night as well.

4. Stunning trees.

We don't think there is anyone in the world that doesn't love walking down a traditional tree-lined street, so how about extending that style to your front garden? Easy to manage trees running alongside a path will have such presence.

5. A tropical theme.

We know that not every home will look right with a tropical front garden, but for any of you living near the coast, it could be a great option! Some leafy palms and coloured shingle would be a doddle to install!

6. A fabulous water feature!

Don't go saving all those funky water features for your back garden, where hardly anyone will see them! If you want to make your front garden something to really appreciate, we think a stylish and self-sustaining water feature will look incredible.

7. Impactful lighting.

We all know that piquant lighting is a great way to give your home some extra pizazz, so imagine illuminating some really funky plants and your steps! At night, your front garden will come alive!

8. Sculptural walls.

You can make so much more of your front garden, even if it is mainly made up of secure walls! A little lighting, some artistic shaping and suddenly, you have a really engaging, beautiful and yet private façade. What a combination!

9. A big dose of symmetry.

Symmetrical design is a lovely way to make a front garden look and feel well though out and properly put together. It is also great for people that don't want to hire a professional gardener, as it's simple to follow!

10. Practical touches!

If you aren't really all that interested in plants for your front garden, how about getting a little more practical with the space? Parking comes at a premium everywhere, so why not think about building a private garage at the front of your home?

11. Artistic installations.

If you have a more creative side, you can really exploit that in your front garden! You'll be shocked by how easy it is to make some cast concrete structures and what a gorgeous impact they have on your aesthetic.

12. Something totally custom.

How about choosing a really personal theme for your front garden? It could be anything from reminders of a holiday you loved to an eco-friendly installation with wind turbines and solar panels. Your front garden can and should be as unique as you are!

For more lovely front garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Common front garden mistakes—13 decoration ideas.

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