How to: choose the best kitchen for your family

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How to: choose the best kitchen for your family

Luke Riley Luke Riley
Cuisine de style  par Greengage Interiors, Moderne
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Dropped cutlery, spills, hot pans, or greasy trays – whatever gets thrown at it – a kitchen surface needs to last! Like most things home, there's a wide variety of styles and designs available to renovators. All things need to be considered, but an absolutely critical decision is choosing the right kitchen benchtop material.  

At homify, we want to reveal some of the kitchen benchtop materials available and to help make the decision that little bit easier. You'd be surprised by the variety and out right dazzling materials that can be formed to make a kitchen benchtop. Continue reading to see our five preferred kitchen benchtop materials. 


 de style  par SteellArt , Minimaliste

Let's start with stainless steel which is renown for its durability and hard wearing qualities. Amazingly, even when a steel surface is in constant long term use there is no risk of the steel losing its visual appeal or being damaged. In terms of hygiene, stainless steel is the logical choice, and is used widely across the food industry for this reason. Not to mention it's so easy to clean!


Loft: Cuisine de style  par Concrete LCDA, Moderne Béton

Searching for a modern look in your kitchen? Consider using concrete as the material for the kitchen surfaces. A great aspect of concrete surfaces is that no benchtop looks the same, with many aesthetic options available to alter the look of the concrete finish. Leaving the concrete raw, applying a sleek polish, or even treating the concrete with natural sealants provides renovators with a greater ability to match the concrete with the rest of the kitchen décor. In practical terms concrete is very easy to clean, durable, and can be shaped to a particular design. 

Marvellous marble

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In the kitchen, marble is a popular choice with many people opting for its elegant appearance. However, a concern with marble surfaces is that greater caution and care must be taken when preparing food due to its sensitivity to marking and forming permanent stains. In most cases marble is easy to clean with soapy water which will take care of most spillages. 

One last tip for the bakers out there – a marble surface is great for cooling down baked goods – especially when working with chocolate!

Cottage charms

Cuisine de style  par Luxmoore & Co, Rural
Luxmoore & Co

Cottage Kitchen By Luxmoore & Co

Luxmoore & Co

Perhaps a more natural element is what you’re looking for in your kitchen. Incorporating a benchtop made from wood is the perfect opportunity. Don’t be worried about being unable to find a timber to match your décor when there are numerous timber types and finishes available that can suit any kitchen.

Just remember that wooden benchtops are often more difficult to clean compared to the other materials due to bacteria hiding inside the wood. There is also a risk of scorch marks with certain wood types, so be careful with those hot pans!


Cuisine de style  par Greengage Interiors, Moderne MDF
Greengage Interiors

White gloss kitchen

Greengage Interiors

To finish we take a look at Corian benchtops which are fast becoming the surface material of choice in modern kitchens. Here, Greengage Interiors Limited have chosen a corian benchtop because of its sleek look and unmistakable edge. Corian has a finish that appears like a cross between plastic and stone and is the perfect choice for kitchens of a modern or contemporary style. As a bonus feature - you don't need to use a chopping board or any protective item because corias will not mark. 

If you're still searching for inspiration for the kitchen be sure to check out the kitchen in this Luxurious Lakeside Villa in the Swiss Alps. 

Homify 360 Luxurious Lakeside Villa

Maison de Village : Maisons de style  par Lautrefabrique , Moderne

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