10 roof tiles in various shapes, styles, and sizes!

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10 roof tiles in various shapes, styles, and sizes!

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Maisons rurales par Arceau Architecten B.V. Rural
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The roof of a house is something that binds the entire look of the house together. If the windows are the soulful eyes of the house, the roof is its crowning glory. Today, we are showing you different roof styles to make your house a total stand out.

1. Traditional red tiles

This dreamy house is a classic favorite. The traditional red tiles work perfectly with the white walls and the dark panels of the windows.

2. Rustic charm

With red gable roof and black wooden walls, this house exudes a rustic charm perfect for the countryside.The overall combination makes a beautiful picture!

3. Family home

A classic family home is made stylish by the roof tiles in every segment of this abode. We also love how windows are generously spread around all over.

4. Unconventional and innovative

Roof tiles will always look the same. It's how you put them together and where you put them that makes the difference. Just check this one out!

5. Country home

This house is a striking combination of dark roof, rustic wooden wall, and rural aesthetics. There's even a cozy terrace where you can enjoy the view of the countryside.

6. Modern and contemporary

The combination of black roof tiles and white walls makes this house look modern and contemporary. This house is a good example of traditional roof tiles used with modern application.

7. Scandinavian style

What makes this house unique is the asymmetrical roof that is covered with stones in different shades of grey. The combination of different materials like stone and wood contributes to its Scandinavian aesthetics.  

8. Rustic and rugged

From here we can see how the roof has the same tone and shade as the brick wall. This almost monochromatic style gives the house a rustic charm. 

9. Different materials

Brick wall at the bottom, wooden wall above, and metal roof. This house makes quirky combination stylish and cool! 

10. Modern design

Nothing about this house is traditional. From the way the tiles are placed to the design of the roof to the features of the facade. We also love how every segment of the house looks like cubic boxes next to each other!

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