20 fabulous ideas for decorating the space under the stairs

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20 fabulous ideas for decorating the space under the stairs

Will Sayner Will Sayner
Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par homify, Méditerranéen
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 Despite our efforts to make our homes as beautiful as possible, all too often we forget the stairs, and in particular the space underneath them. Although it may not seem so important, herein lies the beauty, as it’s an otherwise wasted area in the home that can be turned into a fabulous focal point or some really useful extra storage. With this in mind, today we’re running through twenty great ideas for using the space under the stairs. Let’s get started…

1. Light and stones

Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par homify, Méditerranéen

 Here the space has been transformed into an attractive feature thanks to some unusual mood lighting and a bed of pebbles.

2. A vertical garden

 A wall turned vertical garden by the stairs can brighten up any space; especially if it’s complemented with palm or another large leafy plant.

3. Storage space

 Custom fitted storage under the stairs is a great way to free up space in the rest of the home and help keep the place clutter-free.

4. An indoor garden

 Bring a little nature into your home by turning the space under the stairs into a small indoor garden.

5. A coffee table

 Place a small table with a vase under the stairs to give life to this space. Adorn it with some art, books or a couple of chairs for a more complete effect.

6. An indoor water feature

 If you have a lot of space under the stairs you could experiment with a body of water and plants to create a really unique decorative feature in your home.

7. Artwork

 Decorate the drab space with an elegant piece of furniture and a colourful piece of art.

8. A delightful little work space

 The addition of a small table and chair can turn the otherwise unused area into a useful little work space.

9. A great spot for a gallery wall

 A gallery wall is an inexpensive and pleasant way to decorate the space near the staircase.

10. Coat rack

 It’s a common problem that upon returning home we never know where to leave bags and coats, and as a result they end up fanned out across chairs and furniture, causing disorder. Solve this problem and make use of the space under the stairs by placing a coat rack underneath the staircase.

11. Furniture perfectly fitted to the space

 The above room exudes balance and symmetry thanks to perfectly fitted furniture, a sculpture and a floral arrangement.

12. A bench

 The solution that suits you will depend on the type of staircase you have, but adding a bench can be an aesthetically pleasing way to create some extra comfortable seating while using the space effectively.

13. Drawers that don’t fit elsewhere

Vue d'ensemble: Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Marion Rocher, Moderne
Marion Rocher

Vue d'ensemble

Marion Rocher

 The space can be used to accommodate long drawers that you may struggle to accommodate elsewhere.

14. Fill it with attractive accents

Acier et sandow: Escalier de style  par ATELIER MACHLINE, Éclectique

Acier et sandow


 Use the space for attractive accents such as sculptures, vases, and primarily decorative furniture.

15. A place for the piano

Escalier suspendu en Chêne: Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Passion Escaliers, Moderne
Passion Escaliers

Escalier suspendu en Chêne

Passion Escaliers

 If you’re luckily enough to have a piano, you may be wondering where best to place it. The space under the stairs could be the perfect spot.

16. A place to tuck away the TV

Escalier Ferro: Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Passion Escaliers, Moderne
Passion Escaliers

Escalier Ferro

Passion Escaliers

 It can be a great spot to place the television, especially if space is limited and you want to take advantage of all the room's corners.

17. A themed space

Escalier bois et sa harpe: Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Passion Escaliers, Moderne
Passion Escaliers

Escalier bois et sa harpe

Passion Escaliers

 Create a super stylish space by transforming your stairwell into a showcase for a set of furniture and themed decorations.

18. Statues under the stairs

Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Cozy Nest Interiors, Moderne
Cozy Nest Interiors

Jaya & Rajesh

Cozy Nest Interiors

 It can be a good area to place a large statue that may be hard to find a home for in other parts of the house.

19. An invisible closet

Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Chase Furniture, Moderne
Chase Furniture

Innovative storage solutions.

Chase Furniture

 Disguise some invaluable extra storage space as a support wall, as in the example above by furniture and accessories company, Chasewood Furniture. 

​20. Space for a sofa

Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par THE STORAGE BED, Moderne

Sleigh Bed Low


 A small two-seater sofa can fill the space nicely while providing extra seating for guests or a great spot to sit and read.

 While we’re on the subject of stairs, check out these surreal and stunning staircases! 

 Adapted from an article by Alexia Lefebvre.

Maison de Village : Maisons de style  par Lautrefabrique , Moderne

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