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Home improvement: 17 affordable pools for the patio

Leigh Leigh
Piscine minimaliste par CA Architects Minimaliste
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Even if your outdoor space is a patio, or smaller, there is actually usually plenty of space to fit an appealing pool in.

If you have an outdoor braai area, even better! Your backyard or patio can become a whole new living space, with the swimming pool as the focal point. With everyone enjoying themselves outside, it also means less mess inside.

Most people think that swimming pools are really expensive, but this doesn't have to be the case. In fact, if you look at what to know before building a swimming pool, you'll see that there are ways to cut the budget. 

This is why we are delighted today to bring you 17 affordable pools for your backyard/patio today, designed by some of the top swimming pool professionals from around the world. These range between modern designs and simple features, but each one is just as charming as the next.

Let's take a look!

1. Simple and sleek

Piscine moderne par Soleo Moderne

You don't need your swimming pool area to feature all of the bells and whistles. A simple rectangle design like this is functional and practical.

2. Work with the space available

Piscine moderne par Soleo Moderne

If you have a large garden, you can afford to build a larger pool. While it may mean saving up for a little longer, it will be totally worth it!

Speak to an expert about how to make the most of the large space without impacting the budget.

3. Small and stylish

This swimming pool by Tim Ziehl Architects shows how you can have a swimming pool, even if you have a small courtyard. Build a small rectangle structure and you'll enhance your outdoor space.

4. Small and pretty

In this design, we can see that even when the garden is quite large, we can still opt for a small swimming pool. If you keep it close to the home, it won't get lost in the large exterior and it will be easily accessible too!

5. Round

In order to make the most of your budget, work with the size and shape of your garden or yard. Here we can see how the family have gone for a round swimming pool, using curves to create a very aesthetically appealing yard. Do you see how the round pool works in harmony with the round flower bed?

6. Sunk in the deck

Here we can see how a swimming pool has been sunk into the wooden deck, resulting in a sleek look and feel.

7. Cement bricks

Use large cement bricks around the pool. They are budget-friendly, durable and anti-slip.

8. Small and square

Realizzazioni Piscine moderne par MD WORK SRL Moderne



This is another example of a pool sunk into the deck, yet it is small and square. Sometimes size isn't everything!

9. Construct a pool

These temporary pools are options that are very easy and simple to install and can be removed if you no longer want them or during the winter months!

10. Another example

They can look stylish while offering functionality too!

11. Unique shapes

Don't be afraid to go for unique shapes and styles in order to make the most of space.

12. Corner of the garden

Put your pool in the corner of your property to make the most of you garden area.

13. Another corner pool

With stairs!

14. A step above

These types of swimming pools can be slightly more cost-effective than traditional ones as they don't require any digging. Your back will thank you later!

15. With lighting

Even if your pool is small, you can make it stand out with gorgeous lighting like we see in this design. You don't need a large pool to create a magical environment.

16. A little stone pool

This gorgeous rustic design is all you need for a hot summer's day!

17. Another simple solution

If you've enjoyed this article, you'll love these 5 pools for small but modern homes.

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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