Small bathroom renovation ideas

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Small bathroom renovation ideas

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Bad bathrooms haunt us, but we're happy to be horrified by outdated, badly thought out spaces, if there's the promise of seeing how they were transformed. 

Bathroom designers are fast becoming our heroes, as they frequently take rooms that look beyond saving and turn them into havens of relaxation and tranquillity, but don't just take out word for it. 

We found five projects to show you today, which will not only inspire you to take on a revamp of your own (if your bathroom design has seen better days), but also demonstrate the genius of professionals. 

Let's take a look!

1. Before: Nothing nice about that

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Maybe if the wall tiles had been plain, or the shower screen a little less old-fashioned, this bathroom wouldn't have looked so dire. 

This looks to have been left in place since the 1980s, and while it might have been the height of fashion at some point, it's not anymore!

1. After: A breath of fresh air

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Hello, sweet modernity! 

White tiles with a subtle, elegant smattering of mosaics look great. And with a wooden floor, simple suite items and frameless shower screen in place, this is a charming bathroom anybody would be happy to use.

2. Over the top to understated chic

Before: Over the top tiles, a dark colour scheme and way too fancy suite items look too much together.m Throw in a cold-looking floor and you have a recipe for a bathroom nightmare!

After: Stripped back and much more elegant, this bathroom got the ultimate makeunder! Everything looks more refreshing and neutral (not to mention warm) and we can't be more pleased to see the back of that old sink.

3. Cluttered to classy

Before: Oh no! Seriously, is this shower actually doubling-up as a cleaning products storage area? That's a new level of cluttered and disgusting. There's no cohesion in this room and it makes us feel sad just looking at it.

After: A more impactful flooring option, some dark walls and modern suite items have totally changed the look and feel of this room. Focusing on square shapes has brought everything together, with the mirror demonstrating the point.

4. Before: Cold and sterile

 de style  par Dogares,

This bathroom is a good size, looks to have been finished to a decent standard, and has unquestionably received serious consideration, but it just doesn't work. 

The white and blue has a cold, almost sterile feel to it that turns us off.

4. After: Warm and decadent

 de style  par Dogares,

As soon as you start injecting bronze and copper tones into a bathroom, it's a recipe for warmth and opulence; two things we adore. 

Despite the layout being kept the same, this reincarnation feels more contemporary and imaginative. And those tiles!

5. Before: No discernible theme

The confusing thing about this bathroom is that we can't work out what it's meant to be.

Clearly part of a family home, the novelty towels, clutter, mismatched storage and dated tiles all make our eyes roll in despair!

5. After: Golden for a goddess

Now, this is a bathroom we'd be more than happy to spend time in.

Indulgent, opulent and finished to the highest standard, the choice of gold and bronze tones is inspired, creating a simultaneously classic, chic and luxurious space. Yes, please! 

For more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Making a bathroom beautiful and functional.

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