10 simple houses that you can afford to build

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10 simple houses that you can afford to build

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If you're considering speaking to an architect about designing a new home, this article is a must-read! We thought it might be interesting to show you some fantastic houses that have already been designed and built, to give you an idea of how far your budget could go. And you know what? You'll really be surprised! 

From small, reasonably-priced homes through to multiple-bedroom mansions that are still, shockingly, good value, we think you're going to find a home here that you love and want to take inspiration from – so let's take a look!

1. Small and mighty.

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Standing at just 41 square metres, you'll know that this home won't break the bank! While we don't know exactly how much it would cost to design and build, we know that it will be significantly less than you think, thanks to the simple design and focus on necessity over fashion.

2. Compact and cute.

Would you be shocked to learn that you could build a home like this one, complete with stylish roof accents, for just 270,000 HKD? We were too! Far from boring, the modern design here is so engaging!

3. Industrial chic.

Offering a generous 300 square metres of indoor space and costing 555,000 HKD, this home is more of a mansion than a modest build, but don't you just love how industrial the façade is clearly going to be? All the glass will really highlight the design genius!

4. One-storey heaven.

 de style {:asian=>"asiatique", :classic=>"classique", :colonial=>"colonial", :country=>"de stile Rural", :eclectic=>"éclectique", :industrial=>"industriel", :mediterranean=>"méditerranéen", :minimalist=>"minimaliste", :modern=>"moderne", :rustic=>"rustique", :scandinavian=>"scandinave", :tropical=>"tropical"} par Archdesign,

The geometric shapes included in this house are just amazing and do so much to liven up the house, alongside the slices of piquant yellow! A mid-size home, you know that, depending on location, this wouldn't blow all of your budget!

5. Prefabricated perfection.

Prefabricated homes are phenomenal these days and offer a fast, reliable method for getting a dream home. Here, we see 182 square metres of family luxury, which cost just 577,000 HKD to build, from start to finish. The integrated car port is a stroke of genius.

6. Boxy and beautiful.

120 square metres never looked so good, did it? Costing 222,000 HKD to complete, this wonderfully contemporary and unusual home is so eye-catching, thanks to the combination of white render and wood cladding on the outside. The flat roof design really captures our hearts too!

7. Warm and cosy.

Offering a generous 200 square metres of indoor space, the joy of this home is how different the exterior is! With semi-traditional touches, as well as a really vibrant and unusual colour scheme, you can't help but stop and stare, which make the build cost of 577,000 HKD seem like great value!

8. Classical shaping.

275,000 HKD will buy you a wonderfully cosy and inviting villa home, just like this one, but don't think that the proportions will be uncomfortable, as it boasts 122 square metres inside, which is more than enough for any growing family, with potential for a loft conversion later!

9. Amazing shapes.

The smooth lines, unusual shapes and muted colour scheme of this house make it feel like a home already! With 120 square metres of interior space, nothing will have been compromised or negated and nor will the budget get out of control, as it cost just 222,000 HKD to build! That would leave you with money for decorating!

10. Big and beautiful.

Let's end on something a little more unusual! Bold shapes, lines, colours and space divisions make up this incredible home that has a whopping 300 square metres of indoor space. More expensive, costing 2,110,000 HKD to complete, we still think this is a shocking bargain, given how much artistic design has gone into it!

For more cool buildings, take a look at this Ideabook: 20 cheap and simple homes to inspire your next build.

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