A stunning Italian vacation home

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A stunning Italian vacation home

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 de style  par Mosa, Minimaliste
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In Jesolo, a town famous for being in Italian water city of Venice, there is a villa designed by JM Architecture. This home, which is almost completely covered with white tile, has some very special features that we would like to show you today. The use of tile, done by a Dutch expert in the field of tiles and ceramics from Maastricht: Mosa ceramics. Below, we explore some of the beautiful images of this lovely Italian villa vacation house.


 de style  par Mosa, Minimaliste

The interior is stunning in a white and cream palette which is peppered with dark tones, such as the cushions, throughout. Light-filled and airy, you can imagine the warm Mediteranean breeze making its way through this luxury home.

White and cream.

 de style  par Mosa, Minimaliste

The use of white and cream for the other surfaces of the room ensures optimal reflection of the Mediterranean sun, and creates coolness and airiness throughout the villa.

Elongated living space.

 de style  par Mosa, Minimaliste

The home is a single, dynamic space, thanks to the continuous tiling, which, in its material, shape and color, blends the inner and outer worlds together to form a pleasant and light whole. Here we see how the living room and terrace are joined by the smooth tile surface. 

Sunny interiors.

 de style  par Mosa, Minimaliste

In this image of the dining room, we see how the architect has chosen simple, modern and, above all, light furniture. This not only enhances the light and simple design of the villa, but also leaves the decorative work to the ceramic floors and walls. 

Basking in sunlight.

 de style  par Mosa, Minimaliste

The owners of this luxury Mediterranean house gave the designers a few tasks.The architect Jacopo Mascheroni, despite the almost seemingly impossible contradictions in this assignment, managed to create a spacious, open atmosphere throughout the house and large garden with swimming pool. The house had to be as comprehensive as possible, but also, with three bedrooms and a large garden, fit within the relatively small 5920 ft². 

Check out the home that is synonymous with summer fun!


 de style  par Mosa, Minimaliste

JM Architecture opted for use of Dutch-manufactured Mosa tiles in a very early stage, and decided to make them the star of this villa design. Mosa, with over 130 years of experience, is a tile manufacturer based in Maastricht that has gained not only almost a century of expertise and knowledge, but has also applied its ever innovative tile designs to walls, floors and terraces and grown the company into an indefatigable presence in thirty countries on four continents.


 de style  par Mosa, Minimaliste

The high-level of quality and aesthetic design of the Mosa tile led JM to, as it were, provide a second skin of ceramics in and around the home. The walls, floors and patio are all completely covered by Mosa tiles, creating a design that is very open and easy to maintain, but also warm and stylish. 

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