An amazing family home on a small budget!

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An amazing family home on a small budget!

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Maisons modernes par HomeKONCEPT | Projekty Domów Nowoczesnych Moderne
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Technology has come in leaps and bounds in the world of architecture, making it easier than ever to conceive of a project before turning the first sod. While we used to rely on two dimensional plans, and the often beautiful sketches of architects, these still required a lot of imagination, and the project didn't always look the same once executed as it did on paper. These days using three dimensional rendering we are able to get a reliable and accurate idea of what a house will look like once built, and that's exactly what we're looking at today.

We have the plans here for a fantastic family home, including the floor plan and rendered images, that will show you in great detail the vision of these ambitious architects. It's a classic two storey suburban home, with a pitched roof and a gorgeous backyard, but with some decidedly modern twists that make this a really special project. So join us as we take a virtual tour through this exciting home!

The rear facade

The rear of the garage also serves as a barrier wall for the patio providing shelter and privacy, while the white frame of the garage is used for a pergola, creating a Mediterranean style outdoor area. The rear of the home features enormous windows that flood the house with sunlight while maintaining privacy, keeping the home bright and airy. We love those trendy sun chairs, they look as fashionable as they do comfortable, and the entire backyard is full of outdoor furniture; this home is obviously geared towards enjoying the sunshine!

The front facade

Even at first glance you get a good idea of the blend of traditional and modern elements that make this home so special, with a classic tiled roof with skylights that is interrupted by a second storey window box. The plaster and brick home has a charming suburban style, while the white ceiling of the garage extends over the porch; a very contemporary approach. The home is set on a large plot of land that includes a perfectly manicured garden out front, and a sizeable backyard, making this the ideal place to raise kids.

The first floor plan

To really get inside the minds of the architects we have the floor plan for the house. The first floor is for the social areas of the house, with an open plan living area where you'll find the living room, dining room, and kitchen, all of which is oriented towards the backyard with large windows making for a bright and inviting area. We can also see the way the large patio area wraps around the home, with access into the living area, perfect for entertaining. The first floor also has an office at the opposite end of the house from the living room to create a quiet distraction free area.

The second floor plan

Upstairs we find the master bedroom and two kid's rooms, as well as a large bathroom featuring a tub and shower. Skylights in the ceiling ensure that the upper floor is well illuminated, and each bedroom has a window looking out over the neighbourhood.

A patio designed to entertain

This is a family that values al fresco dining, as we can see by the various seating options, with an outdoor dining table, as well as comfy wicker furniture for enjoying a post dinner cocktail. The patio is constructed from gorgeous timber and the same brick used for the chimney and garage.

The interior decor

With a view of the kitchen we get an idea of the plan for the interior decor, with a white colour palette that bounces light around the home and makes it feel even more spacious than it is, while timber has been used for the cabinets, bookshelf, and a decorative panel to inject the home with some natural colour. While the exterior speaks to classic design trends, the interior is thoroughly modern.

What an inspiring plan, we're so excited for the new owners of this home! For another exciting and modern house, this one with absolutely breathtaking views, check out this article!

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