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DIY pool ideas for small spaces

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Building your own swimming pool is not easy, but it can be achieved with a bit of home improvement spirit!

Swimming pools are essential in a hot and humid climate, but just because your garden or backyard is small, doesn't mean you should be limited to visiting a public pool. In this homify feature, our professionals considered the 13 most stylish pools that would be the perfect feature in a petite garden. 

There's no need to brave the summer sun without relief anymore and if you aren't quite there with the budget yet, then it may be time to begin saving for a pool in time for the next summer. Interested? Well, let's see if there's something to suit your home today!

1. Keep it quaint

Beautiful blue pool… check, deck chairs… check and of course some greenery. What else could you possibly need on that lazy Sunday under the sun?

2. Wall decor

Go for textured walls and simple potted plants to decorate your small pool in style.

3. Surrounded by lawn

So you don't have much space to set up your deck chair at the side of the pool, there's no good reason why it cannot be inside the pool instead?

4. Rooftop party

Add drama to your rooftop with a stunning swimming pool and fountain.

5. Chic

The water feature and garden element makes this garden one to admire.

6. Splash it

Piletas de hormigón Piscine moderne par Piletas Crisci Moderne
Piletas Crisci

Piletas de hormigón

Piletas Crisci

A splash pool and hot tub side by side means you can enjoy the temperatures as needed regardless of the weather.

7. Dusky swim

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Enjoy an evening dip under the moonlight.

8. Minimalist

Make your pool area easier to clean and maintain without a lawn or garden.

9. Glass fence

A glass fence is a great way to keep the kids and pets out of the pool without supervision, while not obstructing the view either.

10. The terrace

Residência Barra da Tijuca Piscine moderne par AR Arquitetura & Interiores Moderne
AR Arquitetura & Interiores

Residência Barra da Tijuca

AR Arquitetura & Interiores

Your home will be the centre of entertainment with a gorgeous wooden deck.

11. View from the top

Opt for a sapphire blue pool, the effect will be eye-catching.

12. In the corner

It may be cute, but it's just as effective on a sweltering summer day.

13. Jets and things

A water feature and jets on either side will soothe your skin from sunburn. How about these 6 small gardens that got a pool added (and they look amazing!)?

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