13 facades that are modern and traditional

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13 facades that are modern and traditional

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Maisons modernes par Cornetta Arquitetura Moderne
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Cliché as it may be, first impressions do last, and can have great bearing on how someone or something is perceived for years to come afterwards. 

When building a house, you have to give a depth of thought and consideration to the style you want the facade to follow. Are you going to look for something more classic and traditional? Or will you opt for something that's much more modern in nature? Whichever your choice, you must be aware that your facade will have bearing on the entirety of your house and its style. It will be the first image you and anyone else has of your home, and will influence the style of the entire property. 

Today we put together a list of facades for your pleasure and inspiration. All of these examples, you will see, gracefully combines traditional and modern styles. Take a look and see how you can have the best of both worlds in a single facade. Enjoy!

1. Contrasting materials

This house really mixes the styles with a fantastic result! Even with white and wood present, we cannot say that it is a traditional facade. In addition to the super modern format, the stones and the presence of glass renew the style.

2. Modern

At first glance, it is a fairly traditional facade of a two story house. The format with the presence of materials such as wood and an even stone path in the midst of a lawn, strengthen this hypothesis. 

3. Glasses

The facade of this house is quite classic, with the predominantly white and a very traditional roof. To escape the classic, however, we see glasses in several parts, giving a modern touch to the residence.

4. Geometric shapes

Despite the fairly classic structure, this house exudes modernity. The unusual colour draws attention, but beyond that, the geometric shapes in the windows and door also scream modernity. To top off this mix of styles, we cannot fail to highlight the opening of windows in the corner of the house.

5. A touch of modernity

Maisons tropicales par homify Tropical

The house has a fairly traditional structure in a neutral color – with the right green lawn, plants and garage.The stone structure in front of the house gives a modern twist on the facade.

6. A red classic

Maisons coloniales par homify Colonial

A very traditional property in the state of São Paulo has a traditional facade with white bricks and a classic roof. However, to give a touch of modernity, of the house was painted red!

7. Modernity with wood

Maisons modernes par Taguá Arquitetura Moderne Bois Effet bois

In this case, the arrangement of items and the shape of the house – made for a young couple – shows that it is super modern.

8. Stone wall

Maisons modernes par Virna Carvalho Arquiteta Moderne

This beautiful white facade is typical of American homes and have a detail that is no longer so traditional: a kind of stone wall that simulates split in the house. The solution is quite creative!

9. Traditionally deconstructed

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne

This very modern facade has a touch that refers to the traditional: wood that covers completely. 

The classic stone path on the lawn was also deconstructed for a full idea of modernity.

10. Classic material in modern form

Maisons modernes par Cornetta Arquitetura Moderne

To build this facade, the architects made  use of elements and classic materials like brick, wood and concrete. Using them in a deconstructed form, however, is what produced this modern and contemporary facade.

11. Modern sobriety

Maisons modernes par A/ZERO Arquitetura Moderne

Overall, it looks like a pretty traditional house, especially for its sober colours. The format of the house wins with the distribution of the rooms which gives a more modern effect on its facade.

12. Form brings modernity

Again the coloirs and classic materials end up being used to make a more modern facade without the format and roof of traditional houses.

13. Defined style

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne

This home leaves little doubt as to its style. While colours are very traditional in this home, it is high and has a lot of glass in the facade, features of a more modern residence.

These facades truly combine the best of traditional and modern styles. Now, fill your cup with inspiration even further with these affordable and beautiful South African homes!

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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