6 steps to create a beautiful attic

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6 steps to create a beautiful attic

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Attics have a bad reputation for being cramped, dark and stuffy. Their lack of space and natural light make them the last choice to decorate. However, if decorated and furnished well, the attic can be transformed into a bedroom, a study, or your personal 'cave'. The attic is the perfect getaway for those who like to recuperate after a long, tiring day. 

The attic in your home can be decorated to create a decent space. There are multiple factors that need to be considered before remodelling your attic into a room or a living space. Here are some steps to consider before designing your attic. 

Furnish in style

Furnishing an attic breathes new life into the space, considering the space constraints presented in an attic, it is very important to see how one can maximise the visual look and feel of the attic . Instead of furnishing it with too many pieces, opt for a minimal theme. Use minimal amounts of furniture and also use smart furniture. You can use smart storage shelves or a smart storage bed to save more space. 

Purpose of the room

The attic in your home can be used for multiple purposes. If you need an extra guest bedroom, the attic can be transformed into a cosy bedroom. The attic can also be transformed into an art room for your hobbies, a study, or just a place for you to hang out. Once you decide the purpose of the room, it's easier to design the attic.


Match your furniture colour and the wall colour to match the floor to create more openness and more brightness. You can also throw a rug or a carpet on the floor to make the attic more cosy and homely. 


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Attics are known for being dark and allowing very little natural light to brighten the room. Use the window in your attic to bring in the natural light and brighten up the space, making it less cramped and stuffy.


The walls of the attic are mostly slanted and slightly curved so use that to your advantage. Decorate your attic around the walls and position your furnishing according to the length and width of these walls. You can also use these walls for your painting or decor accents. 


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IQ Glass UK

The lighting is the most important element in your attic. Considering the lack of light that enters the attic, you should decorate the space with bright lights to irradiate the space and make it look larger. The light prevents the attic from looking cramped up and can turn into a cosy abode.

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