Pools for small homes!

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Pools for small homes!

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When the extreme heat and humidity of Malaysia's tropical climate gets to be too much, there's only one cure; a refreshing swim! While for some that may mean a walk down to the beach or a nearby lake, we have a better idea, how about your very own pool? Pools may seem like a luxury item, and they certainly feel like one, but in fact you don't need a lot of space to build a pool, and with so many options available there's something to match everyone's taste and budget.

That's why today we're looking at projects with small swimming pools, not only to show you how beautiful they look, and how much they can add to the value of your house, but also to show you that this is a dream that is in reach of anyone with the motivation. So if you're wondering whether or not to take the plunge, join us as we explore some inspiring projects, and by the end we bet your mind will be made up!

1. Fun and simple

Generally speaking there are two options when choosing a pool, the more expensive is to get one custom built, but you can also just buy a ready made pool and have it installed. This project is somewhere in the middle, with a hole dug into the patio area, a ready-made pool installed in the hole, and white marble tiles arranged around it, and we think you'll agree it looks fantastic.

2. On the balcony

With spectacular views over the city the owners of this home have decided to take full advantage of their balcony by installing a green tiled swimming pool. We can't think of anything better than relaxing in the pool with a cocktail and admiring the gorgeous vistas!

3. In the garden

The most typical spot for a swimming pool is the garden, it's the cheapest option in terms of preparing the area, and the coolest option in the summer time. What we really love about this project though is the way they have lit the pool for an intimate atmosphere at night.

4. Built to size

No matter the size or shape of the area you have available a pool can be custom built to make the most of it, as we see with this irregular shaped, but beautifully designed pool.

5. For exercise and relaxation

The white stone of this pool looks amazing against the lush greenery of the garden, but its best feature is the seating in the corner, allowing you to cool off after getting a few laps in!

6. Hidden around the back

Every outside area of your home can be exploited for a swimming pool. In a typical home this space behind the house would probably be used for storing bicycles and trash cans, but the owners of this home have opted to create a shimmering blue pool that wraps around the property.

7. Covered pools

This pool is really unique due to the sectional cover which can be pulled across on sliders to either completely cover the pool, or just shelter certain sections. The cover reaches all the way to the house, meaning you never have to step foot outside if the weather is wild, but you can still get a few laps in!

If you'd like to watch this pool get built from scratch, head over here!

8. A water feature

Pools aren't just for recreation, they can also serve to beautify your garden when they are designed like this one, which has a shrine like structure in the corner that looks absolutely magical.

9. Cool and casual

Jardin classique par KUN&Aso Classique

This simple design is practical and effective, built from white concrete to match the light colour scheme of the house.

10. Right to the boundary

Here they have opted to use the full space available for the pool, with it reaching right to the boundary of the property, before surrounding it with flowers and rocks to make it look like a natural formation, and the results are amazing!

11. A waterfall

For a really unique experience, try installing your very own water fall! The waterfall sends water rushing through a filtration system, to be dramatically poured back into the pool. Imagine standing underneath the exhilarating rush of water in the peak of the summer heat; amazing!

12. The economical option

The easiest, and cheapest option is to simply buy a pool and place it on the yard. While you can assemble the pool yourself, it's generally safer to get a professional to do it, however as far as placement goes all you need is a spare spot in the garden, and you'll be able to find a perfectly sized pool on the market.

While it may seem like a big step, we promise you a pool is something you'll never regret! If you want the beauty of water, but you're not so fussed on the swimming part, then check out these amazing water features.

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