Spa pool, 13 amazing options

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Spa pool, 13 amazing options

Mho – homify Mho – homify
Piscine moderne par Taller Estilo Arquitectura Moderne
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Nothing says luxury quite like a spa pool. Relaxing at any time of the day, and any time of the year, in a hot bubbling hot tub with a cocktail is one of the finer experiences in life, but if you think that it is just for the rich, we're here to change your mind. In fact there are spa pools for all homes and all budgets, and today we're going to look at some of the best examples to inspire you to treat yourself and consider one for yourself!

Spa pools don't require much more space than a bathtub, and as you'll see they can be placed anywhere in the home. Whether it's the backyard, bathroom, or even in the living room, spa pools will increase your quality of life as much as they will increase the value of your house. So if you've been dreaming of installing a hot tub, this may just be the push you need to make that dream a reality.

1. Dark and moody

This super modern bathroom features lots of windows looking out to an enclosed garden to counter the dark decor, and allow sunlight in while still maintaining maximum privacy for this marvellous spa pool.

2. Classic backyard hot tub

The most common spot for a spa is always going to be the backyard, because even in the cooler months you can still enjoy the bubbling hot water, especially if you have an umbrella like this that will protect you from the sun and rain alike. This hot tub has been built into the deck from timber for a unified look.

3. A romantic bathroom

If you're designing your bathroom and considering a bathtub, then why not upgrade a little to a hot tub? With a couple of scented candles like they've used here you'll feel like you're at a holiday resort in your own home!

4. Deep in the jungle

jardin sur l'eau Jardin tropical par Coaching Paysage Tropical
Coaching Paysage

jardin sur l'eau

Coaching Paysage

By surrounding your spa with greenery you can create a magical space that will feel like a natural hot spring in the mountains. We love how they've used a rich timber for the frame of the bathhouse that perfectly complements the lush greens of the garden.

5. Hot tub with a view

 de style tropical par homify, Tropical

With a breathtaking view of the ocean like this, we can't think of a better way to enjoy it than soaking in a hot tub with a glass of wine! Placing your hot tub right at the edge of the terrace like this allows unhindered views, and beautiful sea air, without having to shiver away in the ocean!

6. Even in the smallest garden

You don't need a big space for a spa, in fact with careful planning even the smallest outdoor area can be turned into a romantic feature like this. Built from stone, and surrounded by creeping vines this spa looks like something out of ancient Greece, except of course for the bubbling hot water!

7. A stunning patio

Usually you will buy in the spa, but the frame can be custom built to match your decor like they have here, where they've built it out of the same timber they used for the patio floor and frame. With a clear plastic covering over the pergola you can use this spa year round.

8. Indoors

Spa moderne par AS DESIGN+ Moderne

You really can put a spa pool anywhere, so for a really unique approach why not put it inside the home in the living area? This is certainly the luxury option, and will require a large enough home to be able to dedicate so much of the interior to the spa, but with views like this we think it's a fantastic option. Plus spas can be emptied and refilled much easier than a swimming pool, so it's easy enough to cover it up and forget about it when it's not in use.

9. Mood lighting

Everyone knows the best time for a spa is in the evening, so consider surrounding your spa with mood lighting for a truly intimate experience.

10. All white everything

The designers of this deck have constructed everything from concrete, and painted it white, including this gorgeous spa with amazing sea views.

11. Almost a swimming pool

If you love to entertain then you may want to opt for a slightly bigger model like this massive spa pool to ensure everyone can fit! This spa looks especially beautiful due to the stone tiles that surround it, giving it a Mediterranean vibe.

12. Stone and timber

Finitions des terrasses intérieures Spa rural par KREA Koncept Rural
KREA Koncept

Finitions des terrasses intérieures

KREA Koncept

If you have the space, dedicating a whole room to the spa pool is perhaps the biggest treat you can give yourself, and decorating that room with the natural materials like stone and timber will create the ambience of a spa resort!

13. Casual opulence

This is just your average bathroom, apart from the stunning hot tub of course! The tiles used for the wall have also been applied to the spa pool, almost, but not quite, camouflaging the incredible luxury of this room!

If you're still not convinced about whether to reward yourself then we've got two words for you; do it! If you're thinking about installing your spa in the courtyard, then we suggest you read this first!

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