9 pictures of concrete kitchen counters that you'll want to copy

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9 pictures of concrete kitchen counters that you'll want to copy

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Cuisine industrielle par A.workshop Industriel
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When it comes to kitchen-worthy materials, not all options are great ones. Plastic, for example, needs to be kept to a minimum, seeing as all those sharp objects and hot surfaces may very well ruin your dream kitchen even before you’ve had a chance to cook your first meal. 

Now for a material that is strong, stylish and trustworthy (and also looks the part), we recommend concrete. And since it’s such a versatile material, you know that you can opt for a range of different styles to suit your relevant kitchen and lifestyle.

But why take our word for it? Have a look at these 9 images that showcase the stunning (and different) looks concrete can take on for a busy space like the kitchen.

1. A sleek look

There’s no denying the sleek and elegant look that these stone-grey concrete surfaces flaunt, especially when compared with stainless steel adorning the kitchen appliances.

This kitchen is picture perfect for the industrial style, the modern or contemporary – perhaps even for your dream home?

2. A white vision

Thanks to the fact that concrete can flaunt various looks based on a variety of colours, you can opt to have a concrete counter look as raw or as sophisticated as you want.

Case in point, this vision in white, which positively glows when compared to the warmer, earthier tones of the floors, walls and ceiling.

3. A double dose

Just like concrete, wood is also another material quite versatile in its appearance. Thus, if you don’t want your kitchen to look too rustic, we recommend pairing up polished concrete with wood in a warm, rich and “smooth” style, as pictured here.

4. An informal dining spot

Cuisine moderne par shfa Moderne

Seeking a dining space in your kitchen? Then we recommend adding an L-shaped wooden panel around that concrete island for a feature that’s: 

a) eye-catching in appearance 

b) sturdy and durable, and 

c) very practical.

5. A secret space

No need to broadcast to the whole house what you’re cooking up in that kitchen – this counter with its concrete-clad, semi-enclosed feature adds a pinch of privacy to your prepping space! 

Need a professional touch in your kitchen (or bathroom or garden… )? Check out our range of experts here on homify.

6. A very chic look

Narigua House Cuisine moderne par P+0 Arquitectura Moderne
P+0 Arquitectura

Narigua House

P+0 Arquitectura

A polished look will indeed take your concrete surfaces very far if the chic look is what you’re after. And after seeing how seductive this grey kitchen above looks, how could you not?

7. Coloured lighter

Small space? No problem – opt for lighter-hued concrete to add some visual spaciousness to your kitchen. And don’t forget to add (natural and artificial) lighting!

8. Mixing and matching

Concrete can combine splendidly with just about any material. See here how wood and glass help conjure up modern cabinet doors to help keep a myriad of kitchen goodies out of sight.

9. Strong and versatile

Cuisine industrielle par A.workshop Industriel

Want a strong (a very strong) counter or island, yet not necessarily a concrete top? Then we suggest you opt for a concrete block and wooden top, which will give you the high durability factor, yet also the opportunity to change that countertop as and when desired. 

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