A wooden house that exudes beach vibes

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A wooden house that exudes beach vibes

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Maisons originales par dwarf Éclectique
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If you are beach person, then we've found the perfect house for you. Today, we will show you a house from a family of surfers. But even you do not surf, we're pretty sure you will still love this house because it will give you all the beach feels you can ever imagine.


Maisons originales par dwarf Éclectique

What else could give you a beach home vibe if not a white and wooden house? It's light, airy, and relaxing. And we are just starting. Wait 'til you see more!


Balcon, Veranda & Terrasse originaux par dwarf Éclectique

How about hanging out and relaxing in the porch after a day in the beach? The dark blue cushion seats looks cozy against the all white background. The coffee table and the hanging lamp add interesting touches to the space.

Smart Storage

Jardin original par dwarf Éclectique

What an ingenious way to store paddle boards and surfboards! They can hang to dry outside and you don't make a mess inside the house. 


Balcon, Veranda & Terrasse originaux par dwarf Éclectique

As you enter the house, you would feel as if the beach is calling you. The tiles that look like waves of the ocean and the huge door that opens up give a warm and welcoming feeling. 

Living room

Salon original par dwarf Éclectique

The high ceiling makes you feel like the house is as open as the sea. Every corner gives you a beach vibe from the handle of the stairs that remind you of sailing to the hanging light that could have been pieces of wood gathered from the shore.

Attention to details

Salon original par dwarf Éclectique

A closer look in the living room would lead us to a wall decorated with vintage items and unusual trinkets. It's like a collection of the things that a pirate found on his conquests! Like the rest of the house, a paddle board takes the center stage. Pretty interesting surfboard shelves, too!

Dining room

Salle à manger originale par dwarf Éclectique

As the waves flow openly, so does the other areas of the house. Just a few feet away is the dining room with table, chairs, and bench perfect for a beach vibe dining. The window right beside it adds a nice, cozy touch.


Cuisine originale par homify Éclectique

The kitchen brings together elements of wood, dark tiles, and steal countertop. The setup is no-fuss, easy, and relaxed--just like a surfer's attitude. 


Salle de bain originale par dwarf Éclectique

What else can you expect from this house but a happy, hipster bathroom. From the eclectic tiles to the smiling rug, a trip to the bathroom will surely be enjoyable!

Day bed

Salle multimédia originale par dwarf Éclectique

What good is a beach house if there is no day bed where you can lounge around and be lazy? We love the teal wall of this space that makes it so relaxing and easy on the eye.


Chambre originale par dwarf Éclectique

After a long day, you would want to have a good night sleep in a quiet and relaxing bedroom. And this is exactly what that is. Adding surprise and creative elements are the yellow windows and doors.

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