10 impossibly cute garden houses you can build

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10 impossibly cute garden houses you can build

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Accommodation Pods Chambre scandinave par Armadilla Pods Scandinave
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Want a cosy little room to indulge in your hobby, focus on your work or simply relax? Well, don’t waste your money and time planning an extension! Rather, if you have some space to spare in your garden, create a small but stylish garden home. This way, you can connect with nature, enjoy summers, meditate or read in peace – and even host pretty tea parties for your friends. You're also bound to save a lot of money. So let's take a look at these 10 beautiful and creative garden houses before you get started!

1. Unique guesthouse

Accommodation Pods Chambre scandinave par Armadilla Pods Scandinave
Armadilla Pods

Accommodation Pods

Armadilla Pods

Uniquely shaped, this structure was originally a place in which to store garden tools. But the suppliers of decks, patios and outdoor enclosures at Armadilla Pods changed it into a quaint little guesthouse with a small living room and bathroom. Wood ensures warmth and cosiness, while the pebbles surrounding the deck look lovely. The pergola next to the house has creepers growing all over it and offers cool shade for rest.

2. Modern and cosy

Pioneer 2 - Garden Shed with Canopy/Log Store Garage / Hangar modernes par Garden Affairs Ltd Moderne Bois Effet bois
Garden Affairs Ltd

Pioneer 2 – Garden Shed with Canopy/Log Store

Garden Affairs Ltd

The grey and white theme of this cute little house makes it classic and endearing. The red asymmetrical roof and little windows add oodles of charm to the structure, which can be planned to accommodate all your needs.

3. Trendy sauna

Iroko Box Garage / Hangar modernes par Garden Affairs Ltd Moderne Bois Effet bois

Made with wood and translucent glass, this simple yet stylish sauna is the perfect spot for you to relax and get rid of toxins.

4. Bright and airy living

Summerhouse Jardin classique par Garden Affairs Ltd Classique Bois Effet bois

Equipped with expansive glass doors and windows, this quaint house with its red roof is a perfectly bright and airy space in which to unwind or entertain guests. You can enjoy the gorgeous view of the garden too.

5. Inspired by pyramids

Octagonal Summerhouse Jardin rural par Garden Affairs Ltd Rural
Garden Affairs Ltd

Octagonal Summerhouse

Garden Affairs Ltd

This uniquely designed green and grey garden house not only resembles a pyramid, but also blends in well with the greenery surrounding it. Tall glass windows allow sunlight to flood its interiors, besides offering breathtaking views of the garden.

6. Picture perfect

Log Cabin Jardin colonial par Garden Affairs Ltd Colonial Bois Effet bois

Built with wood and painted white, this charming house stands out amidst the verdant and dense greenery of the garden. Tall windows, sloping roofs and stylish wooden recliners make the setting perfect for admiring nature and enjoying peace.

7. Boxy surprise

Contemporary Garden Building Jardin moderne par Garden Affairs Ltd Moderne
Garden Affairs Ltd

Contemporary Garden Building

Garden Affairs Ltd

Simple, boxy yet stylish, this garden house was originally used to store equipment. But it has now been converted into a living room with tall glass windows offering lush views. The grey tone of the building contrasts beautifully with the white window frames.

8. A slice of Europe

Garden Room Jardin classique par Garden Affairs Ltd Classique

Equipped with pretty lattice windows and a grey sloping roof, this European-style garden house is ideal for entertaining friends and relatives while they enjoy stunning garden views. A gym can also be accommodated to make exercising fun!

9. Studio for the artists

Log Cabin Art Studio Bureau scandinave par Garden Affairs Ltd Scandinave
Garden Affairs Ltd

Log Cabin Art Studio

Garden Affairs Ltd

A garden house can become your sanctuary if you're passionate about painting or even sculpting. Use a part of it to store your easel, papers, colours and brushes, while a corner can be reserved for a small sofa.

10. Delightfully vintage

Oval Summerhouse Jardin colonial par homify Colonial Tuiles

Oval Summerhouse


Abundant glazing makes this quaint wooden house visually open, cosy and charming. The old-fashioned roof, pretty floral patterns on the upholstery and the dainty outdoor seating arrangement make this the perfect setting for relishing tasty afternoon teas. Gorgeous greenery and bright flowers surround the house to make a refreshing impression.  

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