9 fatal mistakes that make your home look ugly

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9 fatal mistakes that make your home look ugly

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Salon de style  par Jaqueline Vale Arquitetura, Rustique
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Interior designers might seem as though they simply make common-sense decisions about what will look good in a home, but they do so much more than that! It's not always a case of knowing what WILL work in a space, as much as it is knowing for sure what won't – and we think we've discovered a few interior design errors that you could stand to avoid making! 

From bad lighting through to living rooms that are bursting with clutter and everything in between, there's a good chance that we are all making at least one of these fatal mistakes. So come and take a look at what we've found and make sure that you can sidestep these issues in the future!

1. Inconsistent style from room to room.

Salon de style  par Novodeco, Moderne

You might have super eclectic taste that means you find it hard to choose just one style to decorate your home in, but trying to go too crazy will soon create a really disjointed home. You don't want a traditional kitchen meeting a minimalist living room and so on, so try to find a balance that will work consistently.

2. Bad lighting choices.

This is a real bugbear for designers, especially when a room has been beautifully finished! If you don't have effective lighting, how can you be expected to use a room to its fullest, or appreciate all the beautiful nuances in there? Bright, neutral lighting is ALWAYS best.

3. Too many different materials.

Cuisine de style  par SALM Caminetti, Rustique Marbre

With so many gorgeous materials readily available, it can be difficult to pick just a select few to use in your home, but you must! Trying to have a little bit of everything will make a busy and complicated scheme, but don't fret! If you stick to natural materials, they should all work perfectly together, even en masse.

4. Bad use of space.

 de style  par DecoYcina. Marta Espel, Moderne

You might think that small spaces should be made more useful, but sometimes, that will actually shrink a room further. Less really can be more, when it comes to maximising easy movement and free-flowing light, so don't be tempted to squeeze in more furniture than you need.

5. Having too much clutter.

Salle de bains de style  par Intra Arquitectos, Rural

We are all guilty of this one! It's phenomenally easy to let clutter build up and get out of control, but if you fall into this trap, it's all you and your guests will see! Nobody will be looking at your gorgeous tiles choices or inspired use of colour, if there is a gargantuan amount of clutter drawing all the attention.

6. Choosing busy decor.

Salle de bains de style  par Novodeco, Moderne

Eccentric design schemes can be fun, but you need to keep a really tight grip on them, or things can spiral out of control. To be certain of a pretty, well-thought out home, you need to consider more understated ideas, which you can support with funky accessories. 

7. Playing it too safe.

 de style  par homify, Minimaliste

Though we are talking about keeping your designs simple, please don't fall into the trap of being too boring! There's nothing wrong with the odd bold design choice, as they can lift the whole home. You could even apply this idea to the facade of your house, by painting it in a pretty and non-neutral colour!

8. Not tackling gloomy spaces.

 de style  par 디자인세븐, Moderne

If your home has a corner or corridor that always feels a little gloomy or dark, don't ignore it! What you get used to can quickly spread and infect the rest of your home with its depressing aura and when it could be as simple as reaching for some white paint and removing bulky furniture, what are you waiting for?

9. Blocking off easy movement.

Clutter is one thing, as that generally just refers to small items, but having way too much furniture is an altogether more problematic issue. You need to maintain easy movement around your rooms and if multiple chairs and tables are preventing that, it's time to have a clear out!

For more mistakes that you need to avoid, take a look at this Ideabook: 9 bedroom decor mistakes to avoid at all costs.

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