Surf's up at this cute cottage home

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Surf's up at this cute cottage home

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Cuisine originale par homify Éclectique
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Today’s home tour will give you a fair glimpse of the colourful life of a family of surfers. House-05 by the architects at Dwarf is a wooden cottage-like home equipped with all modern amenities and unique decor accents. Mostly white on the outside, the abode is a riot of colours inside. The decor scheme in each room will remind you of the sea, cool blue waves, warm sands and cheerful beach vacations. Vibrant and cosy textiles along with stylish lighting and playful touches make this house truly special. As you take the tour, you will undoubtedly realise that the owners are warm and friendly people and their attitude is tastefully reflected in this property.

Home sweet home

Maisons originales par dwarf Éclectique

Lavish use of bright white along with dashes of warm natural wooden tones makes this house cozy and appealing. Gently sloping roofs, a spacious porch and lush potted greens invite you to take a closer look.

Inviting porch

Balcon, Veranda & Terrasse originaux par dwarf Éclectique

Shaded beautifully from the rage of the sun, the white and wooden porch is perfect for chatting, unwinding and breathing in fresh air. The dark blue sofa, the sleek coffee tables and the bright teal touches around the windows make for a restful and simple atmosphere. Large glass doors take you to the formal living space inside.

Ingenious idea

Jardin original par dwarf Éclectique

The spacious porch extends like an L on one side, and from here you can clearly see how the wooden rafters on the ceiling have been ingeniously used to stack colourful paddleboards.

The sea beckons

Balcon, Veranda & Terrasse originaux par dwarf Éclectique

Beautiful blue tiles with wave-like patterns adorn the steps leading to the informal living room of this house. They remind us of the sea and its serenity.

Playful and cosy

par dwarf Éclectique

With tall and colourful paddleboards organised on one side, this wooden space resembles a cabin which is bursting with life. Patterned cushions, shelves crafted from old paddleboards, quirky beach-themed wall decor items, and golden lights make this a very welcoming space for die-hard surfers.

Refreshing living

Salon original par dwarf Éclectique

The formal living area combines different shades of blue, white, red, grey and wood to create a seaside ambiance. Cosy cushions, a beautiful rug, and a unique chandelier made from wood complete the look here. Large windows connect the mezzanine with this double-height area for an airy feel.

Original touches

Salon original par dwarf Éclectique

A large paddleboard, some quirky and sleek shelves, and a few vintage style photo frames lend a very original and exclusive look to this living space.

Stylish openness

Salon original par dwarf Éclectique

From this angle you can see how the living area merges with the dining and kitchen in a modern manner. Wood and white is the dominant colour scheme in here, with sleek designs and glass windows making a trendy statement. The railing of the staircase is essentially a thick rope attached with slim wooden posts and again reminds us of beaches and sailing.

Simple but warm dining

Salle à manger originale par dwarf Éclectique

A sleek wooden table accompanied by trendy chairs and a simple bench make mealtimes pleasurable in this dining area. A bright lamp hangs over the setting, while the latticed window makes for a quaint touch. The openness between the dining and kitchen allows the chef to socialise with ease.

Cosy and modern kitchen

Cuisine originale par homify Éclectique

Wood, dark blue tiles and shiny chrome appliances come together to make this kitchen a lively, warm and exciting space for cooking happy meals. The half wall on the right offers it privacy from the living space too.


Salle multimédia originale par dwarf Éclectique

Splashes of different shades of blue add tons of seaside charm to this wood and white space. The daybed with patterned cushions, the latticed windows and the polar bear wall hanging all come together for an exotic experience.

Stunning bedroom

Chambre originale par dwarf Éclectique

Bold and sunny splashes of yellow on the door and windows make this spacious bedroom a lively and happy retreat. The positive vibe is further reinforced by the pretty patterned rug and earthy tones on the bedding. Softly glowing bedside lamps lend a romantic touch to this room.

Happy bathroom

Salle de bain originale par dwarf Éclectique

A neat wooden floor and smooth white walls make this modern bathroom seem cosy and comfortable. Colourful and decorative tiles behind the sink add liveliness, while neat and practical shelves cater to storage needs. The circular blue rug depicting a smiling face is a fun touch.

Take another tour - This house will charm you with its warm stylish decor

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Salon original par dwarf Éclectique

Couloir, entrée, escaliers originaux par dwarf Éclectique

Salle de bain originale par dwarf Éclectique

Salle multimédia originale par dwarf Éclectique
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