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How can I make my small room feel bigger?

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Small rooms can be a big issue for some people, but with a little careful decorating and clever furniture selection, a small room doesn't have to be anything other than a joy to spend time in.

Interior designers are geniuses when it comes to creating beautiful, usable and functional spaces out of seemingly tiny rooms and we wondered what the secrets are to their success, so we took a look and identified some key motifs you can copy in your own home. 

From extra hooks in your hallway to breaking the rules in your living room, we have some great ways to make small rooms feel that bit bigger, so come and take a look!

1. Choose an ottoman over a coffee table

Ottomans have storage and if you ever need extra seating, they'll do the job and take up no more room.

2. Opt for a non-traditional bedside table

Bedside table F-shelf Chambre minimaliste par Maze Interior Minimaliste
Maze Interior

Bedside table F-shelf

Maze Interior

Have something wall-mounted and the extra clear floor space will make the room feel much bigger.

3. Use neutral colours

Bedroom Renovation in Singapore Chambre moderne par Inspiria Interiors Moderne
Inspiria Interiors

Bedroom Renovation in Singapore

Inspiria Interiors

Keeping to neutral hues will make a room feel more put together and calm. Bright colours can highlight smaller dimensions.

4. Horizontal stripes can add width

If you fancy some colour, try some painted stripes or wallpaper! The room will expand before your eyes.

5. Skip the headboard for something more useful

Instead of draining valuable space with a useless headboard, have bookshelves instead.

6. Add lots of coat hooks

Products par Maze Interior Moderne

Why have a couple of coat hooks, when you can have lots? 

By organising your coats, your hallway will feel bigger and less cramped even though there are more things in there.

7. Have hanging lights instead of lamps

Pendulums take up no space, look great and add a modern vibe whereas lamps look static and need a stand.

8. Round dining tables can be squeezed in anywhere

Round table Cuisine scandinave par homify Scandinave

Round table


Don't be a square when you can have a round table! They fit into small, awkward spots much more easily than other shapes.

9. Hidden work areas are fantastic

If you need a work station but can't sacrifice a whole room, build yourself a computer desk into a cupboard and enjoy more free space in the wider room.

10. Use those corners

Small kitchens are no big deal these days, if you source amazing corner solutions, such as these drawers.

11. Use mirrors to create the feeling of space

Kiko brass mirror par Decorum Éclectique

Kiko brass mirror


If you have blank walls, put some mirrors up on them to make the room feel twice as large.

12. Use a full-height mirror to expand the ceiling height

Speaking of mirrors, for low ceilings, a full-height mirror will give the illusion of height.

13. Use height if you don't have anything else

Millennium Drive : Mezzanine Space Salon rustique par Nic Antony Architects Ltd Rustique
Nic  Antony Architects Ltd

Millennium Drive : Mezzanine Space

Nic Antony Architects Ltd

If you can't do much with a small room, but you do have the benefit of a good ceiling height, how about a mezzanine?

14. Hang curtains higher to give the illusion of height

Hang your curtains from the ceiling and the room will appear taller.

15. Create the illusion of more space with transparent furniture

It might look crazy and modern, but you can't deny that acrylic furniture is cool.

16. Employ multifunctional furniture

Digs daybed par Loaf Scandinave Métal

Digs daybed


Beds that fold up into sofas, ottomans that are secretly storage… if you add dual functionality to everything, a small space can be amazingly transformative.

17. Add some plants

College Road, Manchester. Salon moderne par Studio Maurice Shapero Moderne Verre
Studio Maurice Shapero

College Road, Manchester.

Studio Maurice Shapero

It's a strange kind of dark magic, but house plants actually do make a space look and feel bigger and fresher!

For more small home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 12 cheap building materials perfect for a small home.

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