36 photos of two-story houses that will inspire you!

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36 photos of two-story houses that will inspire you!

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Maisons modernes par OLLIN ARQUITECTURA Moderne
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If you feel on the brink of commissioning an architect to design you your ultimate dream home, don't do anything until you've taken a look at some truly tremendous two-story buildings that will definitely fire up your imagination! Whatever aesthetic you are thinking about trying to capture, we think we'll have a few ideas for you here and more than that, you can start considering how you want to landscape your garden too, which is the perfect finishing touch for an impressive facade! From modern through to industrial and ultra contemporary, we really have found the cream of the crop in terms of astounding home design here, so come with us now and take a look!

1. A modern facade that plays with architectural motifs.

2. Combined textures and finishes create an engaging facade.

3. Symmetry and harmony create a balanced look.

Even at the rear, it looks balanced and beautiful!

4. Large proportions look stately.

5. Classic styling looks great, even in a modern build.

6. Modern, fresh and perfectly geared for functional use.

7. Concrete and glass creates a wow-factor visual impact.

8. Modular styling looks interesting and unusual.

9. Alternative finishes creates a varied palette.

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne

10. Wood and glass blend together so perfectly.

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne

11. Contrasting exterior details amplify the power of the white building here.

Maisons minimalistes par homify Minimaliste

12. Floating cube shapes capture a contemporary and daring aesthetic.

13. Minimalist design gets more exciting with stone and wood accents.

14. This is so contemporary that we are lost for words!

15. Latticework can make for interesting light effects.

16. Using a medley of materials keeps the design evolving and interesting.

17. Simple materials can make the most unusual shapes and designs.

18. Large windows add glamor and elegance.

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne

19. The simpler the design, the easier it can be integrated into any surroundings.

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne

20. An integrated garage almost makes this a three-story home!

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne

21. Straight lines everywhere emphasize the different levels.

22. Bold feature walls work so well when they are the full height of a two-story home.

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne

23. Not many two-story homes can blend this well with nature!

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne

24. There are no rules when it comes to the finishing color!

Maisons modernes par homify Moderne

25. The shapes and lines here look like an art installation, not a house!

26. Wood and stone are perfect building partners!

27. Can you imagine how high the ceilings must be here? So impressive!

28. Two-story doesn't have to mean huge!

29. Cladding finished a two-story home in a more interesting way than render alone.

30. Variations on one color theme make a cohesive build.

31. Large but simple shapes make two-story homes with atrium-like proportions!

32. Boxy styles can be fascinating, with lots of added details.

33. Monolithic designs look so overwhelming!

34. Petite and neat, the contrasting colors here set the house apart.

35. We think this is the new modern timeless style that will be popular for decades to come!

36. Two-story homes offer fantastic lighting opportunities!

For even more design inspiration, take a look at this article: Redefining the traditional with modern hints.

Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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