What kind of wardrobe would work in my small bedroom?

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What kind of wardrobe would work in my small bedroom?

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Dressing de style  par POINT. ARCHITECTS, Scandinave
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Wardrobes might not sound like the most exciting addition to your home, but when you consider how practical they need to be (as well as aesthetically pleasing), you'll start to see that the right wardrobe is an absolute necessity for your bedroom

Interior designers have always known that you don't need to sacrifice style for storage, as the two can be combined perfectly. We've been observing some of the more gorgeous and inspiring installations they've been curating in order to show you lots of amazing and covetable styles. 

If you keep meaning to update your wardrobe, don't do a thing until you see how you can create something really special!

1. Built-in perfection

Dressing de style  par Canexel, Classique

With no lost space or wasted potential.

2. Conveniently located

Between the bedroom and en suite.

3. A perfectly lit and minimal design

With shelves up to the ceiling.

4. Custom carpentry

Makes this built-in example easy to mimic.

5. Wall closets

Make perfect single wardrobes for partners.

6. A small plasterboard wall

Can cordon off a perfect wardrobe area.

7. Small but functional

These slim drawers are ideal for accessories.

8. Natural wood and a pop of colour

Make the perfect Scandinavian wardrobe.

9. Clever use of space

Dressing de style  par bdastudio, Minimaliste

Makes a closet cupboard so functional.

10. Simple wooden shelving

Is all you really need.

11. Repurposing an attic space

Is a great way to get a dream walk-in wardrobe.

12. White furniture and bright lighting

Makes this effortlessly modern wardrobe a reality.

13. Take advantage of dead wall space

Dressing de style  par Trestrastos, Moderne

As an inset wardrobe.

14. A small spare room can make a great wardrobe

Dressing de style  par homify, Moderne

Hanging rails keep it simple!

15. Your terrace box room

Can be easily repurposed as a walk-in wardrobe.

16. Natural wood and white

Dressing de style  par Deu i Deu, Éclectique

Will make for a luxurious dressing room.

17. A clothes rail

Makes a simple yet effective and stylish wardrobe alternative.

18. Wall-mounting a cabinet

Dressing de style  par Bloomint design, Éclectique

Is a great way to get a wardrobe for less money. The colour pop here is fab!

19. For a minimal look

Dressing de style  par homify, Moderne

Keep your wardrobe bright white throughout.

20. Get creative with your organisation systems

Dressing de style  par Egue y Seta, Scandinave

To maximise a wardrobe space.

21. If you have a corner going to waste in your bedroom

Dressing de style  par ERRASTI, Moderne

This idea will inspire you!

22. A mix of hanging and drawer storage is clever

23. If you can sacrifice some bedroom space

This is a really inspiring project to copy!

24. A muted palette and natural materials

Make a walk-in wardrobe so much more elegant.

25. Practical location is key to a functional wardrobe

Dressing de style  par Egue y Seta, Méditerranéen

It makes sense to be close to the shower.

26. Do you love a little drama?

Dressing de style  par Egue y Seta, Éclectique

Then over the top lighting and a bold colour is definitely for you.

27. This is the ultimate wardrobe!

Dressing de style  par homify, Moderne

Having a wall for everything means you'll never misplace anything again.

For extra wardrobe inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Your small wardrobe can actually be organised (we'll show you).

Maison de Village : Maisons de style  par Lautrefabrique , Moderne

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