A cheap and wooden prefabricated home that is easy on the eyes

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Is there a mode of transportation more romantic than a tram? It has been the setting of the greatest love stories in cinema and theater: two young people meeting for the first time amid newspapers, hats, and umbrellas. At that point, they have no idea that their love story would be forged in the tram. How poetic is it to build a home that looks like a tram up in the mountains? It's the perfect way to relive the most romantic moments with your partner!


This cabin features an outside balcony to watch the stars at night, allowing ample access to the lobby,  the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. And on the other end to the main room lies an adaptable space that could be used as a study room.

Refuge for lovers

With its cozy 47 m2 area, this wooden house is the ideal chalet to go home to every weekend. The fresh air from the mountains allows you to embrace the freedom to discover the nature that surrounds you.


Nature means everything to this house. A house with the shape of a tram that blends well with nature may seem like a strange combination at first. But it ends up looking great, doesn't it? A city vehicle in the middle of the forest and mountains. Now, that's nature's freedom unparalleled!

Natural sights

The several large windows allow natural light inside the house. This also enables the dwellers to enjoy the view of nature that surrounds their abode. The rocking chairs that decorate the space is also the perfect location to relax and marvel at the beauty of nature.

This home shows the works of SAS, a firm that specialize on wooden houses and production of the same materials, seeking the highest possible quality. If you want a romantic house like this on the outskirts of the city, do not hesitate to contact them.

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