This small home is so easy to build

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This small home is so easy to build

Dayan Buensuceso – homify Dayan Buensuceso – homify
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If you're looking for a studio-type home that's easily convertible for leisure and for parties, then this article is for you. Let's take a look into this project called Garden Studio Man cave that is basically a rectangular-like building. It's so compact that it can be placed in the backyard. Designed by architects from  SAMUEL KENDALL ASSOCIATES LIMITED, the structure is a relaxation spot that's built with a limited budget.

Bricks adjoining blocks

On reinforced ground, bricks were gathered to stand as base for the building. After which, rectangular blocks were cemented together to form walls with some areas left out to serve as openings.

Water system and frames

The shape of the enclosure adapts with the amount of space available that is why it doesn't take on the traditional four-sided house. Here, the internal sewage system has also been installed. Plus, the wooden door frame was positioned for this particular door.

Entrance and cladding

This picture features the two entryways to the structure. The one farther behind is the back door while this larger opening is the main entrance. In the final look of the building, this cemented surface was covered with wooden panels and the latter were stained to give them that polished finish.

A porch for leisure and for parties

Reminiscent of stylish restaurants, this compact house dazzles with its sleek and polished wood porch. Check out the modern rattan-based couch set, imbibing a resort ambiance. To emphasize the wooden elements, lights were placed in areas that could nicely highlight their earthy varnish. This view also features the main entrance, which are foldable glass panels lined with wood.

A relaxation space

From this view, one would not expect that this breathtaking interior is encased in such a compact structure. Apparently, it is and we are absolutely enthralled by it. This pine flooring is the same as that of the outside. The black-painted wall provides a cool contrast from the rest of the white (it also gives the room an illusion of being spacious!). We also particularly admire the shelved divider, which conveniently separates the living area from the dining.

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