Woodworking: 27 easy-to-build dream wardrobes for your home

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Woodworking: 27 easy-to-build dream wardrobes for your home

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Dressing de style  par POINT. ARCHITECTS, Scandinave
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From walk-in wardrobes through to small, functional bedroom installations, clothing storage is a huge deal to most people. As a result, interior designers have been coming up with increasingly stunning and exciting wardrobe designs. We've found a host of fabulous designs, 27 in fact, which will not only inspire you, but are also relatively easy to recreate in your home – if you have some rudimentary woodwork DIY skills! If you keep lamenting your lack of clothes storage, this is definitely the article for you, so let's get started and see what tips you should keep in mind

1. Add bookshelves to a closet for increased display and storage potential.

Dressing de style  par Canexel, Classique

2. Use the corners of a room to better effect with shelves and rails.

3. Built-in drawers around the bottom of a wardrobe will seriously increase your storage and look amazing.

4. Use built-in wall cabinets to create a sleek look in your bedroom. Keep the handles simple too!

5. All you need is a small cupboard and a hanging rail and you have a super wardrobe!

6. Drywall sheets can be used to cordon off a portion of bedroom as a walk-in wardrobe.

7. Natural wood furniture will make a small wardrobe look more modern and spacious.

8. Add a mirror and pale wood for a spacious, fresh feel. Simple rails are the perfect finishing touch.

9. Account for what you have the most of and your wardrobe will be way more functional!

Dressing de style  par bdastudio, Minimaliste

10. Don't forget to add some lighting, as it will make a tiny space feel much bigger and easier to navigate.

11. Make use of previously ignored or undervalued spaces in the home as a walk-in wardrobe!

12. Glass doors will keep the natural light flowing around the space and make the wardrobe look super modern.

13. Don't underestimate drawers, as they really do open up a world of storage, especially in a small room!

Dressing de style  par Trestrastos, Moderne

14. Wooden rails are easy to make from dowelling, cost effective and can hold a lot of clothing.

Dressing de style  par homify, Moderne

15. If you have a box room laying empty, add some simple racking and you have an amazing walk-in wardrobe.

16. Don't forget to add some comfort to a wardrobe room, so you enjoy spending time in there! Seating is a must!

Dressing de style  par Deu i Deu, Éclectique

17. Not got a lot of room to play with? Go simple and minimalist with an industrial rail! So stylish!

18. Use your wardrobe as an opportunity to introduce an accent colour into your bedroom.

Dressing de style  par Bloomint design, Éclectique

19. Keep your wardrobe layout sensible. Shoes on the bottom and accessories at the top!

Dressing de style  par homify, Moderne

20. Build your shelves high, if you have the ceiling height, and add in a ladder!

Dressing de style  par Egue y Seta, Scandinave

21. Install curved rails, in a dead corner. No need for doors, as it looks so cool!

Dressing de style  par ERRASTI, Moderne

22. Keep all of your clothing together in one room, if you can. It will make getting dressed so much simpler.

23. How about using a large wardrobe as a room divide, to create a dressing area? We LOVE this!

24. Invest in your clothes by choosing good materials and clever innovations, such as pull out shelves.

25. A walk-in wardrobe works well next to bathroom, so you can go from shower to dressed in an instant.

Dressing de style  par Egue y Seta, Méditerranéen

26. Up the drama by adding fun lighting that creates a really gorgeous ambience in your wardrobe.

Dressing de style  par Egue y Seta, Éclectique

27. Keep shoes and clothes separate, if you can, to minimise mess and wear and tear.

Dressing de style  par homify, Moderne

For more wardrobe inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 6 wardrobes you'll want.

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