​Build a covered grill on the patio: mission accomplished!

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Better weather is on its way, which means more and more of us will want to venture outdoors – and we have the perfect suggestion just for that: a barbecue with the gang!

It would seem this was the exact same idea that a family in Santiago, Chile had, for they resorted to an immense project which converted their back patio into a full-blown barbecue area, complete with extended roof, exterior kitchen and brand-new furniture.

Let’s take a look – who knows, it might just inspire you to do the same…

Work in Progress: The new wooden roof

To ensure a shaded area, a new wooden roof is being added to the existing one, ensuring visual continuity between the old- and new spaces. 

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Work in Progress: The details

And just what, exactly, are being added to the new barbecue space? 

Concrete counters for food prepping, a timber-clad peninsula for a dining spot (or additional work area, depending on the amount of dishes being prepared), a washing-up area consisting of a sink and adequate room to leave the elements for drip-drying, and, of course, the ever-present grill – the main reason for the entire project!

Work in Progress: Coming to life

Everything’s coming together quite nicely, with the cabinetry being adorned with delightful timber panels for visual appeal (and to enhance the amount of wood being flaunted in the structure). 

But what’s even more fantastic is that garden view that these fortunate inhabitants will get to experience while trying out their new grill!

After: Wood and earthy colours

Stepping back, we can get the entire structure in full view – and what a view! Wood definitely is the main star of the show, adorning just about every single surface (apart from the tiled flooring, of course). 

And this project just once again reminds us how fantastic a neutral colour palette can be, especially when it flaunts such warm and earthy hues as shown here.

After: An open-plan layout

We now have three distinct areas under this roof which blend seamlessly into one another: a kitchen where we get to cook (or grill), prepare, slice, wash and engage in all the usual kitchen activities; an informal dining area with the wooden peninsula on the right; and a more formal dining spot at the back which can also serve as a lounge area, which is definitely where these homeowners (together with their friends and family) will be spending lots of time.

After: Elegance included

Of course this new barbecue space is not just about functionality; it’s about the look as well. 

Just scope out how those stainless steel surfaces of the new grill and stove combine with the wooden textures and earthy hues. A definite contrast, for sure, but isn’t that what visual detail is all about?

If this rustic design isn’t quite your style, fret not – check out these: 9 amazing barbecue grills!

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