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Space Saving Furniture for Small Urban Apartments

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A small living space is not equivalent to a cramped living space, though it has every risk of being so. Every apartment owner in the major cities finds himself or herself eternally at odds with an ever shrinking space for leading a healthy life. However, the task of creating an admirable living space, even in a small apartment, is not so daunting at all. A basic understanding of what promotes a sense of space with a smart selection of furniture ensures your apartment remains in line with your idea of a cozy and comfortable home. 

An average apartment size in Singapore, according to an independent study, tends to be of 95 sq m (a little over 1000 sq ft). This is at par or slightly better than many other urban idylls across the globe. Despite this, it can hardly be considered adequate for creating an expansive home. So, in our effort to create a stunning abode with a liberal amount of space we will choose furniture following William Morris’ advice, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Additionally, we will ensure that they are,

- lightweight and portable,

- create no clutter and generate a roomy feeling, 

- provide storage solutions.

A Romantic Bedroom in a Small Apartment

It is not too outrageous a dream of having a modish bedroom to retire to after a hard day’s work, even in a tiny city apartment. A clever selection of furniture coupled with certain other pro tricks has the capabilities of working wonders. A bed with drawers underneath help to cleanly tuck away the extra sheets, blankets and pillows. They can be made to hold a few other knick knacks as well. Keep that half read book from last week, a glass or a bottle of water on a side table that extends from the cot itself, acting like a hanging tray without occupying any floor space.

Have the bedroom ensemble in matching textures, like the bed and the wardrobe. Besides being elegant, it has an added advantage of making the heavier items of the room appear somewhat discreet. Accents of earthen tones in the draperies, flowers and real plants offset the severity of the steel and concrete structures seen everywhere around.

A Petit Room for the Little Ones

Clamberdoodle bed par homify Rustique

Clamberdoodle bed


Set up a children’s nursery cum bedroom in a spare room or in the antechamber of the master bedroom. Remodel the traditional loft beds to create additional storage area below. Make skillful utilization of the lower berth to keep the cushions, quilts, books and playthings well organized.

Use bright colors sparingly, stick with pastel shades. Though jazz it up with bubbly motifs, pictures and wall hangings. Once again practice moderation so that the room retains its uncluttered feel. Use organic materials as much as possible to ensure the well being of your child. Also, this room should ideally have ample amount of natural light. So, do not block the windows with heavy curtains in dark shades.

A Charming Living Room in an Urban Setting

A chic lounge area instantly creates a good impression about the tastes of its owner. Besides, a good portion of the day is spent in the living room socializing, watching TV or even working. Making it as graceful and habitable as possible is of paramount importance. As you become more tactful with your choices of furniture, creating a cheerful living room that has sufficient space to stretch your legs seem to be easy. 

Choose a center table that occupies minimum of space with maximum effect. Use it to neatly store your books, magazines and a select few décor items. Continue employing the idea of minimizing noise by having monochromatic elements like chairs, stools and sofa. Do not use elaborate cushions, it can choke up the available space of your small living room.   

Reclaim a corner to set up your home office. Yes, we are now used to a mode of living that makes working from home a regular affair. Put up your lap top on a small table set against the wall. Having it in the same shade as the sofa and the accent wall is highly recommended. This helps in tidying up the space even further. Do not forget to include a few lively items like a small colorful stool, a statement wall hanging or a rug in a vibrant shade to maintain an inviting space with a genial ambience.

Cook Up a Storm in a Trendy Kitchen

Love to cook tasty food for friends and family members? But the tiny space of your kitchen gets in your way? Don’t worry! You can have a trendy kitchen even in a small apartment. Let the floor to wall cabinets take away your worries of having sufficient storage spaces in the kitchen. Smartly alter the shades, but limit yourself to pastel or subdued tones, particularly if your kitchen is not blessed with sufficient amount of natural light.

Buy sleek and lightweight bar stools. These will come in handy at the breakfast hour. A fashionably contemporary wrought iron chandelier can work wonders in such a small space. Instead of bulky and traditional pieces, buy a wire or wrought iron wall mounted wine rack which would not take up any undue space.

The Art of Fine Dining Made Easy for a Small Apartment

Invited your senior colleagues to dinner, but do not have a formal space to sit down and share a hearty meal? Use the extension of your kitchen or living room to create a corner dedicated to fine dining. Choose a dining set that befits a modern and stylish dining area, but at the same time is lightweight and comfortable. Play with color to introduce a fun element without being trivial. 

Upholster the chairs’ in lighter shades to complement the ebony tone of the table. Lighter colors help to create a feeling of airiness where there is hardly any space to spare. A hanging shelf from the wall can work as an organizer or a wine rack. It can even be used to store priceless ceramics or other show pieces collected from your journeys to the various parts of the world. Once again, by matching the tone with the shade of the wall you will open up the space and be able to create a grand setting, effortlessly.

A Perfect Solution for a Studio Apartment

Many studio apartment dwellers yearn for an all in one storage solution that quadruples up as a TV cabinet, wardrobe, dressing table and even bunk bed, besides hiding away miscellaneous household objects in its inner compartment. A large multipurpose box by Urban Cube with two side doors to walk in and out is an answer to this. This can even be described as a mini room inside the actual room. It effortlessly frees up spaces required to position separate pieces of furniture. You can see van der Rohe’s philosophy of “less is more” in action here.

The only thing you need to do is to keep your things organized in the inner section. Otherwise, you may end up rummaging the whole thing to find your auburn necktie. Oh, yes! Take due care to keep the exposed areas orderly. Even with space saving furniture at home, you will never be able to free up enough space if you continue to be slovenly in your habit.

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