10 ingenious ways to organise your shoe collection

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10 ingenious ways to organise your shoe collection

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When we speak of home, it is not only about  inhabitants and about furniture.  It is also about items of daily use and everyday accessories. Unfortunately, for our pockets, we end up buying loads of footwear. Shoes – regular and occasional, simple and gorgeous, expensive and inexpensive, often result in an uncontrollable, storage explosion.  Let us guide you through some innovative, yet effective shoe storage ideas, that shall somewhat combat your closet clutter. You can also display your favourite, pretty ones around the house, instead of stuffing them up unnoticed! Well, scroll down for more!

1. ​Organise them under the stairs

Couloir et hall d'entrée de style  par Chase Furniture, Moderne
Chase Furniture

Innovative storage solutions.

Chase Furniture

The space under the staircase is often an under-utilised area, which can be turned into an effective sliding drawer, or closer, where you can easily stack your shoes as you make your way in and out of the house. Take a cue from this creation by the furniture and accessories suppliers at Chasewood Furniture

2. ​Pile up a few beneath your bed

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A sliding boxed storage below your bed! How ingenious is that? This space can conveniently store one’s shoes rather than using up precious closet space for the same.

3. ​Salvage that unused side of your wardrobe

 de style  par Interioriza, Classique

A part of the wardrobe can be turned into a series or row of open shelves which can easily stock your shoes. This will make it convenient for you to grab and change shoes without having to open the closet doors.

​4. Mountable shoe cabinets

 de style  par My Italian Living, Moderne
My Italian Living

'Welcome' Contemporary hallway shoe storage with mirror by Birex

My Italian Living

These handy pieces can easily be secured on the side of your entrance door, with a mirror to clad the closed, front face. Inside, you can place your footwear on its slanting shelves

5. ​Use a pegged plank to sit your shoes

Another creative way of storing shoes as well as hats– this hooked plank deals with any other smaller items that usually come in the way when you are leaving in a hurry. Hang your accessories on this useful rack that can lean against the wall for easy access.

6. ​An organized set up at the entrance

 de style  par My Italian Living, Moderne
My Italian Living

'Blue' Contemporary hallway shoe storage set with coat rack by Birex

My Italian Living

The entryway of your home can hold  this set up – complete with a cabinet, bureau and hooks, to hang other items, a mirror, and a bench – where you can sit down and wear your shoes.

7. ​Quirky tree

You can get these quirky trees with knobs from which the shoes can be suspended for easy reach. They can be fixed at varying heights for an artistic display.

​8. Angled shelves

 de style  par homify, Moderne

You can do this in the bedroom or on one side of the closet. This kind of a linear maze will serve as angled shelves where your shoes can find a nice home!

9. ​A wardrobe island

Why should your kitchen have  all the fun? You can install an island like this in your wardrobe to hold essentials like shoes. This can also help you plan your next outfit!

​10. Dedicated closet space

You can accord a dedicated space in your closet for your shoes. Walk in and get the perfect pair for your outfit.

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